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  • Nathan Hosking

    Pls tell me where the banner pic was taken! Amazing.

    • Anon N + 1

      From the line immediately above the words “20 total shares” and the f, birdshape and g+ logos (dark blue, light blue and red backgrounds respectively):
      “Today’s feature image comes from Jered & Ashley Gruber and was shot in Italy’s Piemonte region.”

  • Craig Newton

    I read the site for the news however the banners do epitomise the beauty of cycling!

  • Holby City

    New logos, just what we need…

  • craig

    Great rear traffic sensing light idea , it would be great if you could get a light with just that feature ( and not the whole garmin kit ) – does anyone know if there is ?

  • Nat Redmond

    The logos look unbalanced at the moment. Not sure why it can’t just be ‘men’s world tour’ and ‘women’s world tour’. Might make the women’s seem less tacked on.


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May 25, 2017
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