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  • winkybiker

    How to store your road bike for winter.

    1) Place road bike somewhere it is not in the way
    2) Don’t ride road bike until spring

  • Hamish Moffatt


  • Marcus

    IMHO Thomas comes across as a very likeable guy, I would be happy to see him getting a crack at TDF.

    • Dave

      Maybe a Vuelta or even the 2016 Giro, but I doubt the Tour will mix up their course enough for that to happen.

      He’d also have to change teams for it to happen, or have Froome suffer a season-ending injury early in the year.

      • Cynic

        What are you guys smoking?

        No way ever GT will get a chance for a GT (see what I did there?).

        If he’s lucky, the team will repay him with a couple of days in the esteemed Tour of the Sandy Oil Rig (sponsored by 1,000 dead construction workers) or whatever race in the Middle East Merckx is promoting next year.

  • Dave

    Basso’s new job shows just how useful it is to make the boss aware that you know where the bodies are buried.

  • Michele

    I reckon the reforming world of professional cycling should take the initiative and help other sporting codes that are struggling with doping within their ranks.

    First port of call? The governing body for Professional Puddle Jumpers.


    The next time I see a remarkable puddle jump, my immediate reaction will be … ‘are they the real deal?’

    So sad.

    • Dave

      Judging by who funds the MTB and BMX sides of the sport, I think the UCI will be on the side of the ‘dopers’ there!

  • Cynic

    So…Basso gets rewarded, and Santa gets banned.

    In fact, Basso is perfectly placed to ‘guide’ the younger riders coming through. Great message there. Hey, if OGE can do it…

    Only bad guys dope. See ya Santa, told you not to spit in the soup and make us all look bad. You need to play the game.

    Good guys get looked after.

  • choppy

    Dave-tick, Michele-tick, Jules-ahhhh missing. Is Jules sick today?

    • Dave

      Sean … voting up but not commenting. Try harder tomorrow Sean.



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