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  • Alex

    Gorgeous banner photo. Has me imagining better times, and places..

  • topaussiesbloke

    Making recreations drugs illegal has worked out really well, so there’s no reason doing the same for doping won’t work out too.

    • Sean parker

      prohibition does not work for recreational drug use, that is true.

      is cycling the same as this though? It’s more like random drug testing at industrial sites.

      i have undergone this for years in various professions. It doesn’t bother me in the least that other employees, who are paid to ride bikes, have to comply with their professional expectations as well.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      I think it’s a bit tangential to this – not the sporting side, but the betting side.

      The UK is huge on sports gambling (heck, any gambling). So putting a sort of deterrent on sporting fraud is maybe on their sights? I don’t know if this is viable or not, but for sure I would love if you arrested the enablers like dodgy doctors or “soigneur phlebotomists”.

  • Simon

    Was it 25-26 years ago we had the Tour de Trump? How time flies and Donald still keeps on punchin. God bless America.

    • Marcus

      He can’t really be a serious contender can he? Surely Americans see him for what he is, right? In the video he makes out that being fit, healthy and active is a bad thing. As an outsider to looking in, it’s hard to believe that this guy is for real…

      • Bex

        it does look a bit like some kind of warped stand up show. I’d say he can’t make a big deal of Kerry’s age any other time so this is his way of doing it; trying to make out he’s to old to ride a bike but also childish for riding a bike…

      • Pete

        He’s a perfect fit fir the good ol’ U S of A.

        • Robert

          I think that’s a bit rough and probably offensive to a lot of readers from the USA. That’s a bit like saying Abbott was a perfect fit for Australia. Not really appropriate.

          • Cynic


            We had that Tony guy, and before him Julie, Kevin, and nearly Mark.


          • NickD

            As a full fledged American, I am not offended. There is a fairly sizable chunk of this country known as the Republican base that are very easily conned. These are ignorant bigoted fools that like Trump. Too bad Kerry could not defeat Dubya Bush in 2004 but so it goes. JK is doing yeoman’s work trying to prevent wars in ungovernable lands. Repubs want perpetual wars. We are a very diverse country and likely some are offended by this… but who cares! If you are, go do a long ride and get over it.

            BTW, keep up the great work Wade and company.

          • Chris

            Not like Australia voted Tony into the top job or anything…

  • Chris

    Go Colombia!

  • david__g

    If you ‘win’ a Grand Fondo, are you really winning anything?

    • Stryder T.A

      Some good prize money is some of the bigger Grand Fondo’s, anyway we all have our level and own interpretation of winning so yes you do win something


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