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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
  • Peter

    That crash video!

    Surely every cyclist always assumes that drivers never see you, and so you assume cars will usually pull out in front of you.

    Maybe cyclists should have to do a Stay Upright motorcycle course?

    • Bex

      that’s a pretty unfortunate crash. the pedestrians are clearly crossing against the red man, and i guess that’s given the car a false sense that there’s no traffic coming. The cyclist was just going straight through the green light (was moving quickly) so why wouldn’t anyone have seen him, a very unlucky accident to have.

      • Michele

        True ….

        As highlighted by Nathan, I reckon the car might not have even seen the cyclist til it pulled out to go around the pedestrians.

        I don’t think the cyclist really had a chance to slow down either.

        What annoys me is I reckon 20% [at a guess] of cyclists – through their blatant disregard of road rules – make life so much harder for the 80% of cyclists who try and do the right thing. All cyclists get tarred with the same brush.

        I reckon the same % of pedestrians also show a blatant disregard for road rules [like above].

        Funny .. never heard the media talk about a “pedestrians vs. motorists war”.

        Unfortunately the recently new road rules introduced in SA for cyclists has now cause further division. Whilst I don’t agree with all the new rules, the media has, once again, turned this into a cyclist vs. motorist story – bike riders are public enemy #1.
        Any anger at these new rules shouldn’t be directed at ‘Johnny’ or ‘Sue’ as they go about riding their bikes. It should be directed at the governments who have implemented the rules in the first place.

        • Adam Fuller

          I’ve had a similar crash where are car turned right in front of me. But I was driving a dirty great 4wd at the time. Sometimes accident just happen. Yes the consequences are greater when we are on our bikes but there is also a tendency to over analyse.

          • Debra Moore


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    • Nathan Hosking

      Good point re the Stay Upright, but was there enough time for either vehicle to brake? I didn’t even see the car until the pedestrians were out of the way and that might’ve been too late anyway…

    • Kieran Degan

      Last November I crashed in a similar way. That POV video brought back painful memories. The driver was totally in the wrong but I have learned a lesson. I now approach any intersections with great caution, I slow down and assume that the driver is distracted or unable to see me. It’s a pity we have to adjust our riding to fit in with people’s ignorance, but it could save your life or the cost of a new bike.

      • I feel the same Kieran. It’s a shame you have to assume drivers haven’t seen you, but it’s simply the safest option.

        • Greg

          I rode a motorbike for years and that’s the exact mindset you need. Think along the lines of if you are involved in an accident, then it’s part your fault for not being able to avoid it in the first part.

          • Dave

            It even applies to car drivers too.

            Preventing accidents is an active responsibility, not a passive one.

      • Andy Logan

        My accident earlier this year was very similiar, unfortunately a stationary vehicle Q’ing in traffic gave the driver the ok to turn across them, however didnt even look to see who was coming down the bus lane. I was coming down the bus lane in the middle of the road at almost 60kph and the car just appeared in front of me. Tried to break, flat spotted my tyres, had no chance of missing the car. Suffice to say I was lucky to live.

        Now I take the view no one has seen me ever and just be extra cautious now.

        • Ben

          This!! Exactly the same thing happened to me.I was scanning but a van was blocking my view of where a driver let a gap open up and a car shot through without hesitating. If I had been a bus the result (collision) would have been the same. But you just can’t assume that other road users will even act only with self preservation in mind (he realised while lying in hospital).

      • Laurens

        That’s it, I would never ride that fast under those conditions and definitely shake off some speed for those pedestrians. Sure the car should have seen him, but it’s of little use to anyone if my tombstone reads “he had right of way”.

    • Sam

      Yup, every car at every intersection is just and excuse for interval training, slow down, sprint, slow down, sprint!

  • Arfy

    C’mon Adelaide, now’s the time to take the Ironman! Safety can be assured as all rev-heads will be in Melbourne or stuck in front of the TV, and hotels will be cheap because … well, it’s Adelaide …

    • Michele

      Won’t work Arfy …

      The Clipsal 500 is on 3 weeks earlier. Hotel rooms will still be in quarantine following the mass invasion of VB drinking bogans. [It’s also a great time to be a cyclist on Adelaide’s roads].

      Australian Fumigation Requirements state this quarantine period should last for 28 days.

      We could only get this to work if the Ironman was held in early April. I think the AFL season has started by then.

      • Dave

        AFL season is back to starting the last weekend in March next year, without the Cricket World Cup pushing it back.

      • Arfy

        I thought the high alcohol consumption would be fumigation enough? Or you could always put the triathletes up out in Gawler, that’ll toughen ’em up.

    • Dave

      No thanks to SA roads being clogged up by clumsy elbow steerers with funny helmets. Us cyclists have enough of a PR problem without the added problem of having to explain how a triathlete is not a cyclist.

      • Arfy

        But all you ‘lycra clad louts’ will be on legally riding on the footpaths by then, pushing the poor pedestrians around. At least that’s what I hear on social media.

        • Dave

          Exactly. The lycra clad louts using pedestrians as a slow-moving slalom course don’t need triathletes to make things worse, they might have a go themselves and kill someone with their non-existent bike handling skills.

          • Derek Maher

            One thing I would like to know is the secret of triathlete saddles How the heck the guys and girls wearing skimpy swim gear can even walk let alone run after 40 Ks plus on a bike is a mystery. There again a lot about triathletes is a mystery.

    • Margaret Metz


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  • winkybiker

    Odd that the CE GORR doesn’t spend very much time at all on the GOR.

    • Yes indeed. As I wrote in the preview for this year’s event https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/01/cadel-evans-great-ocean-road-race-preview/:

      “Despite the name of the event, the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race barely visits the Great Ocean Road at all. Of the 174km raced by the elite men, just 6.6km of that will be on the famous tourist route — a 2.8km section and a 3.8km section. When the race does visit the Great Ocean Road it won’t be to the windy and picturesque sections of the road you see in all the tourism brochures and websites — it’s two sections near the start of the Great Ocean Road in Torquay where it’s barely even possible to see the ocean.

      That’s not to say that it won’t be a picturesque race — the beach-side sections of the course through Barwon Heads and Bells Beach are stunning. And the route might well change in years to come, but calling it ‘the most beautiful race on earth’ at this point might be a little bit of a stretch.”

      The route is unchanged for the 2016 edition.

      • Andy Logan

        I thought that was the Giro’s mantra? “the worlds most beautiful race in the worlds most exciting place” or something to that affect?

        Tbh it isnt hard when you look at say LBL which is like in the factory district of Liege!

  • Stian Pollestad

    In my opinion the rider in the crash video is going to fast. In a town area, with pedestrians, cars, intersections etc all around you, you need to slow down and be careful. Speed up again when you hit the countryside.

  • peter

    I think when riding in built up areas with lots of stuff going on around you , you should ride slower than the guy in the video.I always assume drivers don’t see me. Too many people commuting seem to be in a hurry.

    • winkybiker

      Agree. A lot of times it seems that the cyclist in these types of videos are travelling faster than I would for the general conditions, available space, visibility and congestion. Some of it might be an illusion caused by the wide angle lens on the camera. But I also observe in real life a lot of commuter cyclists travelling much faster than I am prepared to do when threading traffic and navigating the general downtown chaos.

  • Derek Maher

    Hmm, That cyclist was an accident waiting to happen with his lack of road care. When pedestrians have to gallop out of your way you are going to fast and being in a bike lane does not justify bad manners.


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017