• Karl

    “The Sydney Morning Herald has a nice feature on Gracie Elvin’s resigning with Orica-AIS and her road to Rio.”
    versus “re-signing”.

    • Dave

      “Renewing” should always be the preferred option to prevent such issues!

  • Neil_Robinson

    Tatiana Antoshina’s wheels, a Lightweight Autobahn and Autobahn VR pair!

    8 spokes total on a road bike is not a lot!

  • Dave

    Nice pic of Laura, she’s always been my favourite of the TeamGB girls – sorry Lizzie but even your WRRWC win doesn’t change that!

    As an Aussie, I still can’t help humming the Imperial March tune every time I see Victoria ;-)

  • Derek Maher

    Loved the tube changing competition. Those ladies were under pressure.
    Eva Lechner rode a great race in the cyclo cross championship event and the Dutch course was not an easy one.


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