Etixx – Quick-Step says Boonen’s season preparation could begin in six weeks’ time

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Updating the situation after Tom Boonen said that doctors said it could be six months before he is able to start training again, his Etixx – Quick-Step team stated Monday that it believes the timescale could be far quicker than that.

The squad issued a statement saying that Boonen had been given a green light to leave the hospital where he was being treated after his Abu Dhabi Tour crash on Friday, and that he had returned to the team hotel under the supervision of one of the team doctors, Jose Ibarguren.

He suffered a fractured skull in the crash on Friday, being forced to retire from the race.

Boonen earlier told Belgian media that doctors had said that he might need to stay for up to two weeks in Abu Dhabi in order to avoid the risk of blood clots while flying. He also said that they had indicated it could be half a year before he is able to return to cycling.

Another Etixx – Quick-Step doctor, Yvan Van Mol, stated Monday that he believed the timescale was not accurate.

“Tom is recovering well,” he said. “Considering the good clinical evolution, we expect that Tom can start preparing for next season in six weeks.”

He is due to undergo a CT scan this coming Thursday. The outcome of that will determine when he can fly back to Belgium.

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