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  • AMK

    No mention of Alejandro’s ‘career break’ which gave him a couple of years at home?

    • Jake(Aus)

      …because it’s irrelevant to the article. lol Give it a rest.

    • Freedo

      What has that got to do with this article?

  • toyboata

    the wife i wanted to hear from was mrs. voigt.

    • Kieran Degan

      I struggle to see how he was home often enough to conceive all the children

      • slartiblartfast

        The way he explained it was “I come home, say hello to my wife and then pop! – there’s another one!” (you have to add in the Aussie German accent).

        • Kieran Degan

          I can imagine that in his voice. Gold!

          • Cynic

            I feel bad for Jens not realising, but his Pool Cleaner is one hell of a risk taker. I wouldn’t want to be there when he checks their birthdates and realises he was at the TdF 9 months before.

    • jules

      I love Jens but I reckon she’s probably grateful for a break ;)

  • ceedee

    Philippe Gilbert doesn’t sound very optimistic about future of pro cycling.

    • David Everett

      A little lost in translation I think. He now owns a bike shop in Monaco so for him I hope cycling is around for a bit longer.

  • peter

    don’t agree with Tom when he says his kids at 9 months old don’t know he’s gone , those early years are months are really important for child and mother , especially with twins

    • Yup. The research shows the kids know too. Just like any role where a parent is absent, the kids know it. And they know it from the earliest age.

      • Cynic

        It’s not realistic to suggest you just need to work harder or later and still get to ride. A glib comment even.

        Kid’s sport on weekends doesn’t allow for the 4-5 hour ride, so you make the choice of being there for your kids or you don’t.

        Choose not to (ie. not helping out with their team sports, not watching, etc.) and you pay the price (really your kid does). Do that in the first couple of years and it’s the same, more than you know babies and toddlers know when you are not there. You’re kidding yourself if you think you can just tag in once you’ve achieved your career goal etc.

        Same goes for your work, shovel all the responsibility onto your wife to look after, discipline, etc. them and you all pay the price. Having that expensive house or car is great, but your kids are brats and couldn’t give a rats about you. You won’tr ever get that back. Not much of a trade off.

      • Spider

        mate, you talk like you know it all!!!! You reckon you got the answers….go write a book on it…..oh that’s right….you DID write a book on it!!! and a very good book it is too!

        I think your book (What your child needs from you) was one that i think of often….especially when about to lose my temper at my ‘boundary pushing’ 4 year old son. Thanks.

        • It’s nice to know.. and even nicer to read it here :) Thanks Spider. (New book coming out in Feb. Even better than the first one!)

          • Spider

            The new book is called ‘Everything your bike needs from you’. Guaranteed best seller. Foreward by Wade Wallace.

    • TruthSayer

      My dad was around until I was 2. He left after that.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I would’ve preferred to have him around later vs the ‘early years’

  • James Drake

    An unexplored aspect of this article is how the wives cope and how they have to change their careers whilte taking care of the kids. Next time you might want to ask!

    • A

      It’s not mothers day magazine.

    • ummm…

      Give it a rest. How a couple work out their professional and family lives is interesting. But, this article is about pro cyclists and their relation to the family. Some wives work, other don’t and care for the children. In fact, I’d hazard to say I dont even care how the cyclists themselves feel about being away from their kids. Work/family – fact of life. Not everything is some gender political debate.

    • Sean parker

      I agree, James. Lionising pro cyclists for the ‘tough’ journeyman lifestyle they have when they’re not at home changing nappies and settling children at 2 in the morning does sound pretty precious to me.

      After a couple of decades in the army I don’t see that pro cyclists are much different than fly-in fly-out mine workers, military families, emergency services…. The women carry the brunt of domestic duties 24/7 and no one is giving them massages and cooked meals.

  • Nitro

    Good article Mr. Everett…. One of those “Damn, I’d never thought of that – that’s interesting” type articles…

    I agree 100% with the “From the outside looking in” perspective… I travel a lot for work – always have – and it always amuses me how people who don’t travel much think airports, transfers and hotels are glamorous places…

  • Derek Maher

    Well look on the bright side guys and girls. Less time to get bored of each others company and you have a lot more to talk about when you get back together.

  • Allez Rouleur

    Wow, with a new job and the wife 20 weeks pregnant, a timely article. Sadly, I see my already limited time to ride getting further scaled back. Oh well, so goes life.

    • david__g

      You just get up earlier, stay up later, and work harder when you are out riding.

      • Not realistic

        And tell the school to hold their sports events late in the evening, school plays as well, parent teacher meetings in the cafe post-ride.


        • david__g

          You’re not making any sense. Get up at 5 and ride. Ride at 10pm. The other stuff usually fits between that (unless your kids go to a really weird school).

    • Kieran Degan

      It’s all about the commute mate. And as David says, up early, to bed late.

    • Spider

      yeah, but you got to balance it all – you still need some ‘me’ time each week (and ensure your wife has hers too)…and you also have to think about the role model you want to be for the children. If you’re always there but fat, lazy and can’t play, is that better than a few early mornings and then a weekend ride and staying energetic and strong?

      My son understands the importance of exercise (and he’ll need to, I suspect he has ADHD and will need to use sport to self-medicate) and he gets that from me, he knows it’s important to be out there and enjoy your body and the world. I used to ride with him in a trailer and we’re now waiting for him to get good enough that we can do short rides together….then it will really start!

  • david__g

    Tom Boonen’s kids are ridiculously cute.

    • Spider

      That he can ride that many cobblestones in a lifetime and still reproduce….it’s a miracle!

  • Chillfmm

    In Spain Women do not take the surname of their husband when they marry. Alejandro Valverde’s wife’s name is Natalia Mateo. Natalia Valverde is the name of their daughter…

  • Cynic

    I think there is a strong inverse relationship between the more pics of a person with their kids on a podium / the magazine article that talks about them being a Super Dad / Mum, and the actual relationship with said child.

    Like the pics of Lance with kids on the podium. You read the articles and see footage and he hasn’t actually lived with his (then) wife, or hardly at all. When you take into account as a professional sportsman he was training, racing, visiting various Doctors, schmoozing sponsors, acting in Dodgeball etc etc. the actual time spent & emotional investment with his kids must have barely been measurable with a stopwatch.

  • Whammy

    Why do we care what ‘the pros’ do in their spare time, like how they parent? I do wonder however how Valverde’s wife coed with his roping practices over the years, particularly whilst at Kelme.

  • Whammy

    Damn you auto correct, damn you to hell! Probably a sign of poor parenting the I don’t always review before posting….

  • Leroy

    There’s the family but then there’s also the friends and all the other stuff. The other day I read on neo-pro Canty’s strava that he had to build some Ikea cabinets it actually struck me that wow he does do real stuff now and then’.. I guess the pros are well payed and can outsource most of these activties though, hard to outsource time with people though.. ah endurance sports


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