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  • Alex Orme

    William who runs Jetnikoff Bicycle Co. In Melbourne is so incredible! After going to multiple bike shops with my partner only to have the sales assistant talk to HIM rather than me, William talked to me directly, gave me lots of helpful advice/fitting and gave me a ripping deal on my beautiful Focus Izalco! It really irks me that I still don’t get directly addressed in a bike shop if i’m with a guy – even when most of the time i’m the one after something. I’m glad that there are some great bike shops around the world addressing this issue though!

    • Margaret Metz


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    • “It really irks me that I still don’t get directly addressed in a bike shop if i’m with a guy”

      Oh yeah, this! An otherwise awesome bike shop in Melbourne asked if they should call me or my (male) partner when my new tyres came in. Why even ask?!

  • Derek Maher

    Glad the girls are being offered some friendly surroundings. Although those shops do lack a bit of biking atmosphere.
    Oily rags and bits of chains and bikes scattered around, A couple of decent oil stains on the floor, Old inner tubes hanging out of a bin, Empty cardboard boxes piled in a corner, Old biscuit tins full of rusty screws and fittings. Maybe its a good thing those days are passing ?.

  • winkybiker

    Women’s bike shop in Portland reminds me of this….

  • winkybiker
  • Vicki

    A big shout out to Lonsdale St Cyclery in Canberra owned by husband and wife, Trevor and Janie is fantastic in their treatment towards female riders. They really listen to what their customers are looking for in a bike and their advice is thorough and understanding. They have run a number of womens’ specific information evenings concerning female related cycling topics, in particular a “learn about the mechanics” of your bike, away from the males which really instills a confidence in the women attending.


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