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  • Michele

    Judging by the previews I’ve seen, my namesake might be doing us all a favour.

  • donncha

    What are the chances that all of Ferrari’s claims are true? Did he ever physically inject Armstrong, or sell him the EPO? Was Mick Rogers’ & Franck Schleck’s claims that they only bought “training plans” also true?

    It’s well known that Ferrari is an an expert on all things doping and beating the tests, and his training plans are annotated with what to take and when to take it to ensure maximum performance with minimum chance of a positive test. That’s what riders re paying the big bucks for, not necessarily the provision/administration of the drugs? Perhaps it’s up to the riders to source their own drugs? This would give both Ferrari and riders “plausible deniability”.

    Note: this may have been covered by the Reasoned Decision, but it’s been a few years and I can’t be arsed reading through it all again ;-)

    • Jill Terrell

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    • Stryder T.A

      Not that he is the most credible source but when Armstrong settled with AIC in 2013 he stated in his written testimony (under oath) that Ferrari was one of 4 people who supplied doping products to him.

  • choppy

    Is Fabio Aru the love child of Michele Ferrari? The look pretty similar when smiling. The camper van may have been used for more than dispensing “training programs” when he went to Sardinia 25 years ago.

    • blimit

      Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr Bean’ is also a likely sibling

      • Oakie

        Perhaps Ferrari and Mr Bean got it on?

        • choppy

          ah ha, that must be why Aru can pull all of those faces during races!

    • Michele

      Well, they can both eat an apple through a tennis racket

      • choppy

        only if you amputate their noses

  • Ross

    I don’t think The Program is meant to be a documentary, it’s promoted as a ‘biopic’ which is defined as “A film or television biography, often with fictionalized scenes”. It shouldn’t really matter because Ferrari’s reputation is in tatters anyway, regardless of what he is protrayed to be doing in this film. Maybe Ferrari is just trying for a cash grab because business is quiet?

    • jules

      This. you can’t sue a film maker for inaccurately depicting you, there has to be an element of defamation/character damage. as a lawyer once said about Lara Bingle’s attempt to sue a tabloid, Ferrari is coming off a low base here. that won’t help his case.

  • Anthony Little

    I clicked on this link because I thought he was trying to block a film about Ferrari’s. A Travesty! Seriously, when is this doping shit going to get old? All you dudes who pander to this shit should just move on to other low I.Q. stories, maybe revolving the Kardashian’s or something.

    • James

      If we’re low IQ you’ve got none… the story heading says Ferrari is trying to block so to read that and think that someone’s blocking Ferraris…. WOW

      • Anthony Little

        Hmmm… you’ve clearly missed the point here. But, carry on ;)

  • Kieran Degan

    He’s just upset they didn’t get Steve Buscemi to play him (as am I)


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