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  • takethattakethat

    Freds Rejoice

  • Tawny Frogmouth

    I do like seeing the bored bourgeoisie fleeced.
    Still a sheep…

  • Derek Maher

    Good looking kit Matt. Visiting their online store seems they are selling well as a lot of the special designs are sold out.

  • david__g

    Doesn’t really matter how nicely made and comfortable a kit is when it looks as awful as that.

  • takethattakethat


  • Eat More Lard

    I can’t get past the massive and quite frankly unflattering logo…

    • George

      Agreed. I’ve had a hands on look at these, and they are awesome, but the logo is bloody huge and put me off completely. TBH when you’re rocking kit like this, it’s pretty easily identifiable – you don’t need a big logo.

  • Sebastian

    No worse than the Attaquer designs really

  • Scott Wilson

    Thanks CT, I’ve decided that I’m starting a cycling apparel brand. I’ll source a factory from Alibaba get my sisters best friend to design some crap, create a stupid name and start an Instagram account. Seems to be the path to riches as everyone seems to doing it. Seriously, are these guys just for real? What a stupid looking kit, name, logo. This is 100% piss take. I thought Attaquer was bad, these guys take the top step of the podium.

  • Keir

    I like seeing different kit out there on the road. I also like seeing small businesses prepared to do something a bit different. Is this season’s kit my style? Not really but people obviously like it as its selling. Good on you Black Sheep! Keep on doing what you do.


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February 22, 2017
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