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  • The SRod

    I have a pair of R320. They fit me very well – they are my ‘all day’ shoes. If you look around you can still find them in many sizes for less than $200. The RP9’s look like the 320’s – a result of Shimanos well known trickle down business model I would say.

  • beef supreme


    • Albert

      You forgot – white musette.

    • Jessy Vee

      But no white knicks?

  • Simon

    RP9s… a bit Crocs like?

  • Jessy Vee

    Decent looking shoe. I just bought myself a pair of the R321 in a half size (which was not available in the very similar R171) and I can already feel the difference from my old shoe – Specialized S-works in wide fit. The S-works are only good for 40km before my nerves were compressed so much that it felt like my second toe had been severed and I was bleeding to death. My bad – I wanted them because they looked sexy and told myself in the shop that they would ‘wear in’.

    I was told to wear the Shimano shoes for 20kms before going back for the heat molding next week, but they already feel good. The wider toe box allows my feet to spread laterally inside the shoe and toes to wiggle around to combat nerve issues. If the RP9 come in half sizes I’m eager to get a pair for longer days in the saddle, where a slightly less stiff shoe would add to the comfort of the day. Compared to the R321, the toe box of the RP9 don’t look as wide in the photos above. Do you know if they use the same last at the R321/R171?

    Regarding the fit, Andy, do the inner soles in the RP9 have the same three different height arch supports at the R321? If so, how to you find the huge gap between the medium support (which I find a little too high) and the ridiculously small and insignificant crescent that they’re calling the low support? I swear, I don’t even know how to insert that one properly. And would you recommend wearing thicker socks for the heat molding process to allow for foot swell whilst riding in warmer weather?

    • AndyVB

      The last is Shimano’s ‘Dynalast’ which features on their range from the RP9 up (including heat-molding). The RP9 does have the interchangeable arch support. Unfortunately I’m a pretty standard fit, so I didn’t need to change the inserts. From what I understand the reason for the big variation in the three inserts is to be able to cater to the widest amount of arches of riders who don’t have custom insoles. For the heat-molding I wore standard summer socks, but given you can repeat the molding process (Shimano recommends three times within the warranty period, however you can do it more than this with ever-lessening effect). So you might do it coming into summer, and then again coming into cooler months.

      • Jessy Vee

        Thanks for the tips. :) I’ll keep them in mind when I go in for my bake, and I’ll definitely see when they’re getting the RP9 in stock.

  • Gi tri

    Hi Andy, when you say you have wide feet, how wide are we talking? Im not sure if I should take a gamble with these (I’m seeing a deal online). I currently use Wide Bont Vaypor + and I’ve come to realize that the tub edges are really restrictive. I need something with a flat last/sole, not something with a U shaped sole to make my feet expand inside. Maybe not strapping these all the way would help. Thanks, please advise.


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