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  • Prince O’ Porridge

    When was the last time he won a single-day road race? I’d be surprised if he managed two of the three tbh

    • Samuel G

      well it would certainly make sense if he were to have a proper tilt at the ardennes races next year and judging by his performance in the first week of this years Tour he might actually be improving at positioning and tactical aggression so it will be interesting to see what he can do

  • Homer

    The road to the superbowl is long and pointless…when ya think about it.

  • Chris

    To be fair, I don’t read him saying he’s going for the treble in any way other than the sense that he’ll be racing to win each race. Not exactly pointing to the outfield as he comes up to bat, so to speak.

    • Yolanda Henderson

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  • Daniel

    1,000m in 50km is a pretty hectic TT. Should be right up Froome’s alley

  • SpaceKnight

    I doubt the possibility`s of Froome achieving this:
    This years tour ended with him vulnerable in the last days, he is more tired towards the end of a grand-tour then most of his competitors (indicates `clean` racing)
    He had trouble being good for the Vuelta, which had more recovering time in between.
    He will not have recovered for the OS if going for the GC of the tour, unless taking a different approach allowing him to be bad in the beginning of the tour and good at the end. (i doubt that is possible)

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