Giro della Donna gran fondo entries closing soon!

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The CyclingTips team invites you to join us on Sunday November 22, 2015, at 7:00 am for the inaugural Giro della Donna Gran Fondo. Brace yourselves; it’s gonna be a cracker of a day and we’re excited to give something back to the cycling community that has given us so much.

Entries close on midnight on Sunday November 8, and spots are nearly full so don’t miss out.


Why join our event? Well, you could easily do it alone with a few mates, but that would be like missing out on a Rolling Stones concert in lieu of sitting at home on the couch and listening to it on iTunes.

The Giro della Donna will be a festival of cycling with likeminded people gathering for the day to celebrate their common passion. Traffic managed roads and some closed roads, Shimano neutral support, feed stations (wine and cheese aficionados will be delighted as will the grimpeurs), various touch points that will stay in your memories, and food/drinks/entertainment afterwards, and much more that we’ll surprise you with.

Any proceeds raised from this event help CyclingTips improve our service to you. So don’t be part of the grupetto: sign up now! Numbers are strictly limited.


When: Sunday November 22, 2015
Where: Warburton, Victoria, Australia
Who: Anyone who appreciates the challenge and beauty of one of Australia’s best cycling routes.

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