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  • jules

    I’m a bit of a purist on race radios. part of the challenge is gauging your efforts and tactics. having that fed directly to you via radio by a DS who can see precisely how hard you should be riding in a break, whether the break is succeeding or not – it fundamentally changes racing tactics and detracts from the sport, I think. gone are tactics like trying to escape out of view – that means nothing anymore with race radios.

    • Yolanda Henderson

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  • Dave

    The extension of radios (currently only in WT and WWC/WWT) to HC and Class 1 races will only make the World Championships and Olympics even better next year.

    As the riders become accustomed to letting the DS do the thinking for them in more races than they do currently, the big prizes being awarded in non-radio races will favour those who can think for themselves even more strongly than they do already!


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