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  • lefthandside

    Wonderful! What about “your cassette is worn!” or “I’d go for a club fit jersey if I were you!” or “nice compact chainset, you wuss”

    • Nitro

      As someone who rides with a compact setup, I resemble that comment…

      • lefthandside

        Me too! I could have said: ‘What’s that on the back? A 28?’ but that wouldn’t spare me either at the moment

    • OverIt

      To which I say, “you must use your 53 a lot, that one looks like its just been swapped for a new one”

  • bigstu_

    Shouting out to slow climbers “Are you guys having a track standing competition!”

    • Lori Haynes

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  • Tawny Frogmouth

    Bigger gear!

  • Jessy Vee

    “Recovery day, is it? You couldn’t even hold my grandma’s wheel!”

    • Annie.


  • RayG

    Especially for Neil: “You’re not even the fastest rider in your family”. :-)

  • kasual

    Finally, some advice I can use.

    • Wish I was on the bike…


  • syddiggers

    ” Get off the road you cunt ” has always worked well for me.

  • a different ben

    #NeilTheRealDeal – Putting the “Tips” in CyclingTips.

  • 42x16ss

    My other half nearly made me crash once when she yelled at a Clydesdale in a Sky jersey to “better lay off the pies Richie!”
    If you’re going to wear team kit…

  • Robert

    Next week – great comebacks for abusive car drivers. I once told a ratbag dangerous Lexus driver “Nice Toyota mate” and it left him protesting “It’s not a Toyota, it’s a Lexus”, which of course made him look like a bigger tool than he really was:)

    • Darren Yearsley

      An old bat gave us an earful for riding two abreast to which i replied, sick to riding your broomstick love, your shit at driving a car.

  • Cats eat penguins

    All the cyclists were hearing was “blah blah blah blah!”

    Bogans screaming out their window at 100kmh are unintelligible to most people (except maybe to other bogans).

  • Love all this. And these comments.

  • Rudyard Josef Lim Ganuelas

    what would really get under my skin is if someone told me my handlebar isnt perpendicular with my wheel. Ill spend the next several hours thinking about it.

  • 42x16ss

    My favourite is yelling “attack!” whenever I get passed by a crazy bikepathlete doing their best to terrorise pedestrians.

  • Tim Rowe

    The best one I’ve seen suggested as one to be added is “28C Tyres? Did they come in a pack of four for that bandwagon you’re riding?”

  • Derek Maher

    A cruel put down,Hey lose some weight your backside is blocking the road.


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