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  • babyface

    Wish i could grow facial hair…..sigh

  • Allez Rouleur

    Sorry, growing beards and mustaches for any reason other than you want to (see: hip trend, Monthly bs) is BS. As with anything, be your own person and stop chasing bandwagons. It’s pathetic.

    • Just in case you aren’t trolling … I think if there was ever a “bandwagon” one should jump on it’s a charitable one. What’s wrong with growing a mo as a vehicle for raising money?

      • Sps12321

        That and no one is forcing you. Do it because you want to

      • AndyVB

        …and that they have another program called MOVE which doesn’t involve growing a tash…

    • Simon

      I partly agree with you as it seems people will not dig deep unless there is a gimmick attached. Whether it be growing a ‘tache or having a bucket of ice cold water tipped over you it’s all about the “occasion”. Even riding for charity raises an eyebrow for me. I’m a believer in the old adage that your left hand should not know what your right hand does ie give to those in need in secret and don’t advertise your generosity to others. Still such is the way of our now predominantly secular world, that such attempts at raising money are perhaps the only way to glean money from the selfish.

      • Allez Rouleur

        Exactly. Do something charitable because you want to, not so you can walk around town looking hip or put the video on youtube. This is far too much about showing off oneself.

        Matt. I’m expressing an opinion. I like originality and creativity. With the internet, tumblr, and social media…it seems like there are about 2 types of guys and 2 types of women now walking the streets in America. It’s boring. It’s depressing.

        And suddenly it’s creeping into the cycling world. Dudes with beards, covered in tattoos, and wearing Rapha on an all black bike. When did everyone quit their bands and take up road cycling? It’s bizarre.

        I like diversity, not homogeneous culture.

  • Sps12321

    Kind of wish it had been a Dagenkolb tribute jersey: best moustache in the peloton.

    • Eric

      Zabriskie had one for the record books as well.

      • sps12321

        true, but his was almost too nice. I can at least aspire to have one like Dagenkolb

  • markpa

    If you want a tribute jersey then is should feature Danny Clark.

    • CB

      How many years did Clarke ride on the road for Panasonic? This pic looks like the ’89 season.

  • markpa

    or Clark and Don Allan

    • sps12321

      love these!

    • Margaret Metz


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  • Stanley Hudson

    The guy in the picture looks familiar…oh thats right. It’s every 2nd male roadie/rider in Melbourne.

    • Allez Rouleur

      The good thing is that where I live, there aren’t many of these creatures. I just see them living on the internet and tumblr blogs.

      When did road cycling become the new indie band? Seems like everyone has quit music and now is a roadie. Weird.


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