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  • jules

    I’ve enjoyed your diary Jack. your life seems a long way from the rest of us who have to squeeze in riding around 9-5 work.

  • Andy B

    Looking forward to seeing how next year goes :) hope we can get more insights in the future

  • Lach

    Hell yeah! To all of the above. Including writing more!

  • Voltz

    All the best, Jack. Get amongst it.

  • brett

    love it, all the best thanks for the updates

  • Love the updates, Jack! It’d be so good to get these next year too. :)

  • donncha

    Yep, keep up the writing Jack. Nice to get the inside line on the neo-pro! Enjoy your break.

  • Ralph

    Easily the world’s coolest ginger.

    • Jack Haig

      haha, thanks

  • Wish i was on the bike

    What a great read, thanks Jack, and all the best for setting up in Girona and 2016. Interesting to read comments from you, directly umpacted by the selection for worlds. It certainly seemed odd from the outside. Also good that frustration passed.

  • muz

    Can someone explain to me why you have a rider who is keen to ride a WC TT, he is in the location and there are two spare spots why you wouldn’t enter him? Were they pinning that many hopes on him for the road race? Or is it an ego thing among the selectors?

    Be good if he kept these diary’s going next year as well CT…

    • Hey muz, it’s really unclear why the CA selection policy is the way it is. We reached out to them last week https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/09/daily-news-digest-171/ to find out why the decision was made and they said:

      “Cycling Australia makes selections in accord with the national selection document. All athletes were assessed all throughout the year and finally at Chrono Championois. This process resulted in the decision to focus on Miles Scotson for the TT and to focus remaining riders in the RR.

      This has been a consistent approach taken over the years with the Under 23 group.”

      • muz

        I’m over the ditch in kiwiland so I don’t even know why it annoys me but we all know that statement is straight out bullshit.

        Even if they entered Haig to go before Miles Scotson went he could have given some course feedback which would have been helpful.

        • jules

          i’m guessing it was a cost saver for CA?

          • Jack Haig

            Surely its not that expensive to start a rider??, maybe the $100-$200 to fly an extra bike across to america.

            • jules

              you would know! incidentally apparently I own one of your ex-TT bikes, according to seller

    • Jack Haig

      This is one of the reason why i was disappointed, its hard to find a good reason not to have me race. The reason I was given was that i wouldn’t be a medal chance and they where only going there to get medals. But I think it might also have to do with some politics with in the selectors, but i am unsure.

  • Mike.

    Please keep the diaries coming, Jack. Good natured humour with humility, respect and mature reflection – you’re a good writer AND a good cyclist ; )

    Best of luck for the coming season and new beginnings.

    • Jack Haig

      Hi Mike, Thanks very much for the kinda worlds and I am planning on continuing the diaries.

  • Leigh

    Hey Jack, its been fantastic reading about your trials and tribulations over the last year especially. My other half, Heidi isn’t a cyclist but we always head over to the Tour Down Under and that got her started as a fan of yourself but also all the riders in the World Tour events. She knows all there statistics and teams. Probably pass you on the Sedgwick roads at some stage soon, take care…


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