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  • SpaceKnight

    The ugliest transfer in cycling in recent history and the arguments don`t add up, at least for next year.
    This year: Kittel was duped for the tour with proven lack of form, my interpretation was that the team protected the rider against himself, choosing that over sponsorship wishes to have Kittel at the tour.
    Next year:
    The team has virtually no change in the roster, his leadout train is still there. a bunch of non climbing hard hitters.
    Dumoulin will focus on the Olympic time trial, no full GC team in the tour.
    The Etixx team will have no dedicated lead out. Cavendish had the same problems: this team is build for riding echelons and racing, not for calculated clinical lead outs. (and Cavendish was a lot more capable to deal with that then Kittel)
    The Etixx team has Multiple goals in almost every race, hardly ever a dedicated one trick pony team.
    No improvement for next year, maybe after that but he could just as well have fullfilled his contract and move the next year.
    The Giant-alpacin team was build around Kittel (and Degenkolb) Alpacin might feel unjustly treated and leave after their contract is done, Kittel caries the responsibility for the team and now just walks away from it.
    Lefevre gains a sponsor by nipping them away from Lotto Soudal and devaluating the sponsorship of Alpacin. Good for Etixx, but undermining the value and trustworthiness to sponsors of cycling as a whole. Lefevre is once again a weaselling opportunist.

    Conclusion: the ugliest transfer in cycling in cycling for a long time.

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