Marianne Vos unlikely to compete this cross season as recovery phase continues

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“She’s  just riding at the moment, not training,” said Henk Vos, the father of multi-world champion Marianne Vos when we ran into him at the World Championships in Richmond a few weeks ago. Marianne Vos will undergo some tests later this month to see how she’s doing and if she can start training again.

The 12-time world champion has been sidelined on-and-off with injuries since December of last year, and only made a couple road race appearances this year.

Back in April, Vos seemed recovered and ready to return to the peloton, and spoke optimistically in an exclusive interview with Ella CyclingTips ahead of her 2015 road racing debut at the Ronde van Gelderland. But it wasn’t meant to be. Vos’ return to racing was disrupted once again when she sustained a rib fracture during a recon ride of the Ötztaler Forest Cross in Haiming, Austria, just a week after Gelderland. She’s been sidelined every since.

Rabo Liv now reports that while  Vos is doing well after a three-month resting period, she will remain “inactive,” meaning no cyclocross racing anytime soon.

Vos’ injury was a result of overuse and pushing her body over limit. These past months she has learned to let recovery take its time and not make any hasty decisions.

“I recognize that the injury didn’t happen by chance. It was obvious overuse in training and racing and meant that I had to take a step back or it would only get worse,” Vos told Ella earlier this year. “Throughout my career, I’ve always wanted and been able to combine a lot of things. I’ve been able to handle a lot and tax my body in training, racing and beyond. It’s allowed me to combine those different disciplines and continue to push my limits. By doing that, however, you forget to listen to your body because until now, I was able to get away with it. In these past months, I have had to re-learn in a way to listen to my body.”

Later this month, Vos and the management will determine what her next steps will be. The team says it may be possible for her to start training again late this fall or winter. Of course with an Olympic year looming, Vos will be eager to get back into race shape.

In the meantime she’s been keeping plenty busy. making lots of public appearances, providing race commentary and launching the Strongher initiative, which is a movement to connect the professional and recreational worlds of cycling while unifying all the various global women cycling initiatives under a shared goal of getting more women on bikes and given female professionals a stage to show themselves.

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