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  • Robert Merkel

    Hope he enjoys his year and wins a few races.

  • Stompin

    Fingers crossed.

    • velocite

      You just don’t know, do you? Could be amazing – that’s what I thought when he joined MTN-Qhubeka, and I’m hanging on to that thought. Add The Hoff and you have some pretty serious speed..

  • donncha

    “It’s not often you get the chance to join a fresh new team…”

    Err, except GreenEdge and MTN Qhebeka???

    • Stompin

      3rd time lucky?

      • Bex

        i hope so, it’s no fun when he’s not at least mixing it up at the front.

    • Stompin

      3rd time lucky?

  • Joel

    Do you think he is a possible winner of the Tour of Flanders or is he more for the Ardennes. I’ve always thought of him as a classics rider after his San Remo win

    • Robert Merkel

      Given his recent trajectory, I think both he and the team would settle for him getting a win in a UCI race anywhere.

    • AMK

      Taking a win in the Bay Classic is probably more realistic these days.

  • Cynic

    He was given the best lead outs in the world and ridden for all day early in his career, so he had a couple of big wins. In the 3-4 years since then he’s been taking the p1ss and taking the place of a rider who wants and deserves to be there.
    No excuses. Gets fat and unfit over the off season, like he has got it made. Apparently he has, I mean living in Monaco and getting paid to turn up to bike races (but not win anything) when by rights you should be on the spanners in a bike store back in Tassie.
    Well done to his Manager for getting him spot after spot on a roster, though.


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