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  • Alex

    Unfortunately this guys career has been descending since 2011, what has happened?

    • velocite

      It would be great if he rose again..and I would be most interested in the inside story on what’s happened to him. I’ve never heard a suggestion of illness, just many suggestions of a surfeit of hamburgers. I do wonder about the effect of a Ferrari on a young man. With Mark Phillipousis it was a Hummer.

      • Michele

        It could be that.

        The times I met him – pre OGE days – he seemed very much like the happy go lucky type. I don’t think the MSR win changed him – I think the increased salary and the money that came with it, at OGE, did effect him though.

        I got the impression that for Goss, he simply loved riding his bike. Once he started to earn the big[ger] bucks, it all of a sudden got a lot more serious. I get the impression [and it’s not based on anything else other than observations] he’s lost his joy for riding.

        If that’s the case – then it’s a shame. But I also think it’s totally understandable.

        Can you imagine hating your job, and that job being a professional cyclist? Of course, you could argue that IF he hates his job he should do something else, but that is easier said than done.

        That’s why I really admired what Lachlan Morton did – although his actions did attract some criticism on here.

        • Los_Ang

          Spot on analysis. And probably very close to the truth.

        • jules

          well said Michele

        • Robert Merkel

          But then…if you hate it, why sign for a Conti team on what’s presumably a fairly meagre salary?

          If you’re getting paid a few hundred grand a year, I can understand why it’s hard to give it up, but at this point he’s probably not doing much better financially out of it than going to work in a bike shop and fleecing some masters riders each week at the local crits.

          • Sean

            Lucky for us, he can’t race in the masters for a couple of years.

          • Dave

            It should be pointed out that Continental teams are open teams, not professional.

            There’s a fair chance he’ll be paying his own way rather than receiving a salary.

    • MattF

      Agree. It would be great to get the inside story on what has precipitated his decline. I know cyclingtips has tried but the truth has not been forthcoming from the athlete himself. His former team managers would, no doubt, have some insight. That said, it seems that he was mismanaged at Orica Greenedge. For all the talk of the great culture and mateship within that team, they have their fair share of turnover. I think we as cycling fans deserve a better explanation. This bloke (Goss) was inches from becoming world champion (in Copenhagen) in 2011. It seems to have been all downhill since.

      • velocite

        I suppose it’s fair enough to say he was mismanaged, but I’d say he’s been a source of frustration to more than just OGE.

      • Nick Clark

        “I think we as cycling fans deserve a better explanation.”

        Why? As cycling fans why do we deserve an explanation at all?

        • A

          I could think of a few actually. Investment by government, volunteers, supporters etc.

  • Amk

    Matt who?

  • Aaron J HS

    It’s hard to know what to think of Gossy’s situation. He was strong in 2011 obviously with MSR, Very good in 2012 – let’s not forget his Green Jersey run in TDF and very near stage victories and then nothing since. We’ve heard a new “rejuvination” and “going back to basics” story ever year since but things seem to have got worse and worse. And he’s only 28.

    But on the flip side in 2012 he was pretty much head to head with Cav, Griepel and Sagan every race. Since that time Cav has declined (although not to the same extent), Griepel has improved and Sagan has had to find other ways to win. Meanwhile Kittel, Matthews, Degenkolb and Kristoff have come to the fore.

    Can Gossy not get it togethor? Or is he as good as ever but the new blood has just over taking him?

  • It’s been a while but we had a good candid interview with him a couple years back. Hopefully we can get another soon. https://cyclingtips.com.au/2014/02/make-or-break-contract-year-for-matt-goss/

    • Michele

      I enjoyed that piece when it first came out Wade.

      The opening sentence remains as true today as it did back in Feb 2014:

      Matt Goss has become an easy target for derision.

      • velocite

        That derision is mostly a comment on the derider (if that’s not a word it should be). Pathetic.

        Recreational bike riding is a big part of my life, but having read ‘The Rider’ and Charlie Wegelius’s book I don’t feel I shoulda been a pro. Hard work!

        • Michele

          Yeah good book.

          I love Wegelius’ book – in my top 3.

          Good call.

          • Nicolas Cote-Nolin

            What’s the rest of your top 3 ?

      • aletapgrossman

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  • Dave

    And yet Chris Sutton is going without a ride!

    • Michele
    • John

      Matt is lazy and was only on MTN due to Cervelo connection, the team had to take him.
      Take is as you want but that is very much the truth.

      • I struggle to see how someone who is lazy managed to win Milan San Remo, second in the World Champs, etc. That doesn’t happen by mistake. He could be demotivated or perhaps a change in priorities with becoming a father, but not lazy.

  • Simon

    Sad to see Goss decline for whatever reason. I’m also interested in what happened to that other Aussie cyclist that shares the same first name. He too promised so much.

    • Ehsh


      • Simon

        Matty Lloyd.

        • Dave

          Last I heard, he was trying his luck on the US domestic circuit with the aim of getting the attention of international teams at the Tour of California.

  • Steve

    I remember seeing him in 2011 at Paris Roubaix smashing it at the front until after Arenberg and I thought he looked really good, in the mould of Aussies best riders. Then he won MSR that year. No doubt he was talented; I think when he fleeced half a dozen ebay buyers in his CSC days, selling kit, but not sending the goods probably said a lot about his character. Sport is littered with talented people who didn’t have the character to match it

    • jooo

      Hadn’t heard the ebay story before, can you elaborate?

      • Steve

        Ebay: Not talking high finance or anything but back in 2008 Goss set up an account bike_csc (based in Monaco) and sold team kit on eBay probably to support a meagre income, it well initially for Goss however the last few transactions for whatever reason he pocketed the money and didn’t send the goods (seriously who would do that?). A mate of mine was one of those people however is tenacious when it comes to things like getting ripped off. he gave Goss every opportunity to sort it out and in the end (almost 18 months later) contacted CSC management directly to sort it out, amazingly he got a heaps of kit within days. I think how a person resolves an issue can be a testament to their character, in this case over an extended time period MG did not show the right character to sort it out

  • Nitro

    I don’t know Matt (though I did meet him / ride with him once – though Alas, I suspect I remember it more than he does), so know about as much (as little) as most other readers…

    Have to say though – he’s a fellow human being, and may even read this page, and there are some harsh comments on here…

    Everyone’s an expert and everyone’s a critic.

    I say good for him for not hanging up his wheels, and for keeping going… There’s got to be some serious determination right there…

    He may not be on the Top of the Pro Tour anymore, but I’m still betting he could beat any of us in a sprint (Anyone who’s got a photo of themselves putting Cancellara in the pain cave, feel free to share!)

    That, and his refusal to give up makes him ok in my book…


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