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  • Rory Porteous

    Still a few too many mountains. Discourages GC riders attacking until the last week and encourages Sky Trains.

  • Watts or What?

    I wonder if the increasing trend towards more rolling/mountain stages in the opening week of the grand tours is behind the decision to let the likes of Kittel and Cavendish – Cippo-style sprinters that need a dedicated lead-out train – leave for 2016? It interests me because riders in the style of Matthews, Degenkolb, Sagan etc. are very much in vogue but a look back at the 2014 and 2015 TdF would suggest a pure sprinter is still the best option for stage wins…

  • Sean Doyle

    Yawn. Yeah harsh but I’d love to see a Tour with nothing over say cat 2 climbs and slightly shorter stages just for shits and giggles. Maybe you’ll get some hard aggressive racing instead of the tentative watch and see racing we get with brutal back to back to back stages. If it doesn’t work go back to the same old.

  • Dave

    Unlike 72 years beforehand, there’s a good chance of a German victory at Utah Beach!

  • Derek Maher

    In my opinion the other two European grand stage races have proved far more entertaining to watch than the old TDF formula.
    Pure sprinters are a side show in these classic stage races and tend to encourage the team trains and racing in the last 20K of a stage.
    The GC is the real race and the Tours should plan the routes accordingly.


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