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  • jon

    That sparkle, so NJS.

  • spicelab


  • quick

    Someone send him a custom Top Cap!

  • david__g

    Shame he’ll be wearing white bibs whilst riding it.

  • Wonder why he isn’t riding a Venge?

  • David Markham

    Absolute beaut and a nice touch having the names of former winners on the down tube

    • Dave

      How many of them have asterisks alongside them?

    • markpa

      How about when Cav, Kwiatowski, … pull up alongside mid stage and want him to point out where there names are?

  • Harry Knowles

    Stop. Just……..stop. That bike is an absolute F(*&&ng mess and looks like the curb outside of a cheap pizza joint at 3am Saturday morning…

    Yes, many design elements to choose from – we get that. Rainbow stripes, Slovakian flag, past winners, Tinkov Camo, world peace, etc. Any ONE of those would have been perfectly intriguing and eye catching, MAYBE two…………….but ALL of them? Too much.

    For the record, I think Ron Jones’ other designs look substantially better. Nice, even.


    • David Everett

      In the flesh it looks great, but each to their own. It might be the glitter that does it for me. Always been a magpie. Now let us not open the can of worms that is the discussion on the white shorts.

      • Jill Terrell

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      • Nelson

        UCI rules suck on the shorts issue. But I kind of get it, if he was able to wear black shorts while the rest of the team wore team colors, it would be very confusing.

    • Nelson

      Idk man, at first I thought the same. Something about it looks off, but after looking at it in detail, all the elements seem to work pretty good together. I’m just glad Specialized didn’t decide on a white bike *whew*

    • Samaway

      I quite like the frame design. For me, the issue is more with the FSA components, which are not up to Specialized…

      • Sean Doyle

        Specialized are made in the same vein as FSA. I’d say it was much of a muchness.

    • Winky

      The seatpost and seat don’t match (yet), but otherwise it’s OK by me. The rainbow colours are the dominant theme. The past winners and Slovakian flag seem very subtle to me.

    • Oldan Slo

      The black tape over the logos on the stem is a pro touch.

    • MadBlack

      Relax mate. It’s just a bike!

  • Alex Heinrichs

    Awesome…For my wife: Next year I will have a “milestone birthday”!

  • Nitro

    (a) Love it

    (b) Look on the bright side – the comments thread hasn’t gone down the “He’s broken the rules – how come its not in the big ring” thread I was expecting !

  • chronologic

    Time for SRM to update their logo, no?

  • Sean Doyle

    Bike looks messy too me but it’s a one off and a Specialized so no real loss.

  • SK

    What stem is this, ZIPP?

    • SK

      Sorry….! “FSA bars are propped up by a Zipp SL Sprint stem”

  • Julius Mark Bonzo

    Do you know someone selling this? I want to have size 49 please


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