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  • CC

    I’d buy a used car from those guys !! :)

    • Timiji

      Not at their prices!

  • That would be some financial negotiation between Tinkov & Riis ….

  • Abdu

    Reminds me of that blowhard cashed up bogan from West Australia (aren’t they all) Alan Bond who bought Channel 9 for $1.05B from Kerry Packer in 1987, made a complete ballsup then sold it back to less than 3 years later to KP for $250M as his empire collapsed.

    Maybe Bjarne is already saying “You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime…”

  • ummm…

    don’t know if this makes cycling amateur; or a wonderful spectacle of all kinds.

    • Jill Terrell

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    • Henry

      Why not both?

  • Dave

    Tinkov should offer him a deal to sponsor the team for three years and receive a stake in the ownership at the end of that period!


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