Oleg Tinkov and Bjarne Riis  with a change of mood at the team bus that was in clear contrast to the solemn air surrounding the team after Contador withdrew. A jovial Riis said after Majka's win, “I think he is a happy little b**ard right now,” he laughed. “He is fantastic. That was a big number today, a really great victory. He has been sitting out there the whole day, pulling in the wind and everything, and still able to have 35 seconds at the bottom and keep it until the finish…that is something big.”
  • CC

    I’d buy a used car from those guys !! :)

    • Timiji

      Not at their prices!

  • That would be some financial negotiation between Tinkov & Riis ….

  • Abdu

    Reminds me of that blowhard cashed up bogan from West Australia (aren’t they all) Alan Bond who bought Channel 9 for $1.05B from Kerry Packer in 1987, made a complete ballsup then sold it back to less than 3 years later to KP for $250M as his empire collapsed.

    Maybe Bjarne is already saying “You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime…”

  • ummm…

    don’t know if this makes cycling amateur; or a wonderful spectacle of all kinds.

    • Jill Terrell

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    • Henry

      Why not both?

  • Dave

    Tinkov should offer him a deal to sponsor the team for three years and receive a stake in the ownership at the end of that period!


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