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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Nels Hackl

    My friends and I are in the crow in the Lobby Hill picture. Would love to get a full resolution copy of this picture. Please advise.

    • Anne-Marije Rook
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  • Peter Walsh

    Great article and beautiful pictures as always EllaCyclingtips :)

  • Live broadcast image quality left much room for improvement.

    • Florence Cunningham

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    • Dave

      It looked to me like the problem of the choppy video was the host broadcaster using the NTSC frame rate (29.97 frames per second) and using a poor method of resampling for the world feed.

      Hopefully the UCI will supervise this more carefully in the future.

  • Mark Andrews

    Whoa! Great article. I live in Richmond and I can say, without reservation, that this was a fantastic event. Everyone truly came together and Richmond pulled it off. There are some great pictures here, especially the Women’s TTT with the city skyline in the background–definitely poster worthy.

  • Richard Smollett

    It sucks that there are those who expected sub-par execution of this event based on the fact that we have a NASCAR venue here. If anything, your expectations should be higher since we have lots of experience hosting big races. I know it’s a fact that’s hard for elitists to get their heads around, but rednecks go to college too.

    And what’s so insulting about calling it “the Bike Race”? When NASCAR comes to town I just call it “the race”, and the Super Bowl is simply “the Ball Game”. Note to Anne-Marije Rook: Get over yourself.

    • Scott

      There is a nascar venue nearby. But Richmond is hardly a NASCAR town. Hardly anyone from Richmond goes. People travel in from all over the state.

      • walter

        Actually many people from Richmond go Scott. Not that I understand why Richards panties wadded up !

    • Nath

      Touchy much? The author was suggesting that Richmond, and the US in general, does not have the cycling history or cycling culture that exists in many European countries and therefore the expectations for the running of the event may be lower than in Europe. It then goes on to say those expectations were unfounded. You sure are coming down hard on an article that actually compliments all aspects of the Richmond Worlds. Note to Richard, perhaps?

      • Dave

        The expectations with regards to running any major sporting event (80% of the work is exactly the same for all sports) well should be very high with any decently sized city in the USA so long as the event is receiving state government backing. Same goes for Australia and Britain – the Tour Down Under for example has used its world class standard of organisation (inherited from the team which successfully ran the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide) to fend off attempts to chop it from the calendar.

        The expectations for crowd numbers were certainly exceeded, but the UCI would quite rightly have expectations of much higher attendance next time the Road World Championships are held in an established cycling country instead of it being an ‘expansion’ event in the USA. Using a major event for expansion purposes is a good thing every now and then, but doing it too regularly would harm the sport.

  • Mark Huff

    There are always going to be stereotypes of regions of the U.S. by our own citizens and those from without. I felt the author of this article was pointing out all the babble by others leading up to the UCI World Road Cycling Championships. Lord knows the Richmond region has its share of “Negative Nellie’s”; always predicting doom and gloom. Like vultures, waiting for the, [ you name it here ], to die a quick death. When something is a success, they just crawl back under their rock waiting to complain another time.

    Just by the Richmond region hosting the races, many of those stereotypes quickly break down. Folks from out of our region, state, and country got a good dose of what the city and surrounding areas are like. The history, scenic sights, beautiful architecture, culture, river, parks, museums, neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, craft breweries, etc. Most folks, especially from other foreign countries, probably did not have any preconceived ideas of what Richmond is like. I am pretty sure the vast majority of visitors left Richmond after the races believing we are not some southern “Bubbaville”.

    I was born, raised, and lived in Richmond all my life and we have always been a mid-sized city in the U.S. I wasn’t offended by the “Bike Race” comment. Not being a major city means our lifestyle is usually not as faced-paced as that found in big metropolitan areas. We don’t have to uniquely name every major venue just because there are multiples in big cities. Our baseball stadium is called “The Diamond”; our indoor sport/concert venue is called “The Coliseum”; “The Carillon” is Virginia’s war memorial to those Virginians that died in WW I (beautiful bell carillon that is played during the year); “The War Memorial” memorial for those Virginians lost in WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and more current military conflicts (beautiful panoramic photo of it and the city skyline on the #Richmond2015 or @Richmond2015 Twitter/Facebook page). I certainly did not take the reference of “The Bike Race” as being from a region with a low I.Q.

    I am very proud that the City of Richmond, Henrico county, and Hanover county prepared and hosted the UCI World Road Cycling Championships. It appears to been a positive event for ALL (athletes, support teams, officials, and visitors/spectators).

    Maybe this event went as well as it did because it was held in a mid-sized city. Something to ponder.

    Please DO come and visit us again!

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Exactly. I was indeed pointing out what was said in the lead-up, and how great of a host and city Richmond turned out to be. (Last line: “Everything said and done, Richmond did a tremendous job hosting cycling’s pinnacle event and, if the locals will have us, bike racers would gladly return to Richmond.”) The event was very well run, the food scene was fantastic and the bike riding was great. See also my highlights here: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/09/combating-the-post-event-blues-with-the-highlights-of-spending-nine-days-richmond/

      • Mark Huff

        I certainly did, and you have taken some stunning photos in both articles! I am glad you enjoyed the races and got around to see some
        sites around town. Bell Isle is a true oasis in the middle of the city. Trails for walking, running, and biking around the island; an old rock quarry is used for rock climbing as well. The James River is big for water enthusiasts too. Kayaking, rafting, tubing, swimming in the warm months. Nice to see that you got a taste of the off-road bike trails that are on both sides of the river. Those off-road cycling trails are relatively new and were created and maintained by cycling enthusiast groups in the Richmond area.

        Anyway, thanks for the positive reviews of the races and the town! :-)

    • Jeb Hoge

      Yeah, it was annoying how some local voices seized upon little things in the first two or three days and jumped and pointed and said “LOOK, SEE HOW BAD WE SUCK” and honestly, I don’t know why they were doing it. Our self-loathing streak got the best of us, I guess. Same thing with how the press spent weeks talking about traffic gridlock and closures and stuff, so that more casual viewers were scared off of coming into town, and then the press spent the first half of the event talking about how it was a ghost town and no one was coming to see the races. Ya think?

      But we showed them.

  • Frank Castle

    Great, and hopefully the Euro trash can stay out of our city now. Thanks for all the complications your stupid bike race brought to our small city. I’m actually surprised more than one of the race bikes wasn’t stolen.

    • David

      Frank was in charge of hospitality for the race. Good job, Frank! ;)

    • Steve Cummings

      As I mentioned to all the wonderful people from all over the country and the world that came to visit us and mentioned how laid back and friendly everyone in RVA was – the event sort of self selected. Those of us who were thrilled to get outside, who aren’t afraid of the city, and don’t mind (actually look for the opportunity) to walk a few blocks or bike around had.a.GREAT.time and that’s who our guests met. Frank and the Eeyore set stayed at home (or got outta dodge) – i feel sorry for them, honestly. Also, just a quick point, the 645K number is total number of spectators – not visitors (meaning the 6 days I was spectating I was counted once for each day). Not to diminish the huge amount of visitors…but ooohhhh the hand-wringing over that number here

    • duanegran

      Would you also like the Euro trash to take back their estimated 150 million dollars of tourism revenue that the world championships generated?

  • Jeb Hoge

    My one true regret, as a Richmonder, from the UCI Worlds event was not being able to spend all of my time in the race venues and meeting people from all over the world. Seeing the way that the city came alive, especially in the later days of the event, was just spectacular and I felt like I was in the middle of history being made. Friends and I worked hard on social media to share our observations and recommendations, because we wanted to be the best hosts we could. Thank you for coming. :)

    • pegva

      Yes, indeed, Jeb. I had a blast and I’m very proud of RVA, Hanover and Henrico. I think it was a wonderful event and showed our ‘true colors’. Well done, folks… WELL DONE!
      Hello, World… We are RVA!!

  • Brian Sebrell

    I am so thankful for the kind reviews of Richmond and the Worlds. As a local, I was so proud to host such a prestigious event. Libby Hill was an amazing place to see the race!

  • Linda Erdely Pierce

    We drove over from Charlottesville to volunteer over several days. This was one of our best volunteer experiences ever; we were well taken care of and very appreciated. I had never seen cycle racing before and I’m hooked. And even more hooked on Richmond which is fascinating, fun, and friendly. I’m very happy that the event went so well for the city.

    • Pamela Schlosser

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  • velomonkey

    I was there for the week – this article hit it right, Richmond nailed it. The place we rented was in the burbs and I had a buddy who lived within 2 blocks of Libby Hill. We rode the course, we say every day of racing from multiple locations. The cops were great. The traffic was fine. We would go riding and even outside the city people would cheer us on thinking we were there to race “Good luck, so glad to have you.”

    We saw the mens race from 23rd st – seeing riders go by 16 times not even a foot from you is something I will not soon forget.

  • Dave

    “Skepticism also came from within the sport. … What about getting all the equipment across the seas?”

    It is worth noting that numerous elite teams declined to use their right to race the Team Time Trial because of this reason. Both the men’s and women’s TTT events had the field padded out with a number of US domestic teams to deal with that issue instead of just one domestic team getting a wildcard as in the last few years.

    I would have approached this a little differently, perhaps by having the domestic teams race first (but still same course and early on the same day) before having the top end teams race with slightly larger gaps between them to increase on-screen time for each team.

    • Mark Huff

      Well, speaking as an “outsider” to the professional cycling circuit, this appears to be an ongoing issue that the UCI has to work on. If they want the “International” part to be emphasized, the team/individual financial needs have to be addressed. The UCI articles that were published, based on their meetings during the 2015 Worlds races, say they want to expand cycling where it is not as recognized/popular as it is in Europe. That is hard to do if everyone just races in the European Countries.

      By looking at the sponsorship of the teams during the 2015 World’s Road Cycling Championships, most company/corporate sponsors appeared to be of European origin. How do you draw interest from other non-European companies/corporations to support cycling teams/individuals, if you don’t get some races to Asia, North, Central, and South America, Africa and the Middle East?

      Again, I am ignorant as to how the sport of professional cycling handles their sanctioned races and the participation requirements of the cycling teams/individuals. But, this needs to be addressed, if the goal is to raise the global awareness/popularity of this sport.

  • charlie conrad

    I also would like to buy a copy of the Libby Hill photo– I have emailed you just now–thanks!!


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017