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  • Nitro

    Would (hopefully turns into a “will”) be an awesome thing to see.

    New team, new sponsors, clean sheet of paper – looking forward to seeing more of them in the major races…

  • Michael K

    I don’t think there’s any other pro continental team with so much success and exposure as Qhubeka. WorldTour license is really a no-brainer and it would be a damn shame if paperwork stopped them from getting it.

  • Stompin

    … and Matthew Goss?

    • Victoria Libby

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    • Dave

      ^ The google troll posting the ‘work staying at home’ scam is actually kind of funny when posted in response to this comment!

      • Stompin

        … i was thinking, its kind of sad.

  • Dave

    Would be great for the organisers of the TDU, CEGORR and Herald Sun race to commit to bringing Team Dimension Data-Qhubeka over for the Australian season.

    Even if they stay at Pro Continental level, the TDU field has plenty of spare space for up to four more Pro Continental wildcards to be offered.

    I would also like to see the TDU offer a wildcard to UnitedHealthCare – on the provision that their women’s team also races in the Women’s TDU.


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