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  • ed

    My favourite classic – stunning scenary & a great course. The Muur di Sormano – 1.7km with a 17% average with section of 25% is brutal. Vince is looking good after last night’s win. Cant believe the season is nearly over

    • Michele

      Tough call ed .. I love it – would rate higher with me except for the timing of it. Comes with a bit of melancholy – only because it book ends the season proper; and Paris-Nice seems far away.

      I agree, it’s a brilliant course, both spectacular and stunning. As you can see by my avatar, I’m fortunate enough to have been to that part of the world.

      This year has gone so quickly!

      • Yolanda Henderson

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    • Winky

      Sormano looks tough for sure, but the Civiglio which has 10% for 4km is closer to the finish, and may be more decisive. The final climb, very close to the finish, is 2.7km @ 7% so also very important. I don’t think it will end in a bunch sprint! I can’t wait. We were there last year and watched them come up the Ghisallo. A beautiful area and and a beautiful race. With Zaugg as the outlier, seems they tend to win this race in pairs. So is Dan the favourite?

      • markpa

        Also there last year at the top of Ghisallo. Had stayed nearby at Onno and rode loop from there up to the church, lovely ride. Nice to see Cadel on his last European race.
        Brought the family up to the museum later in the day.
        As you say a beautiful area and and a beautiful race.

      • Michelle Birchfield

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  • Patrick

    i’m afraid i’ve lost some respect for gerrans after the worlds. when you come to the finale with a team mate who is clearly a faster sprinter than you it is pretty clear you work to help them. he may have started the race as an equal leader but you have to adjust tactics as the race develops. seems like a bit of selfishness which is perhaps not surprising from someone as clearly driven as gerrans

    • Superpilot

      Yeah I dunno, but if you had 2 top 6 riders helping each other, for sure they could have sacrificed themselves brought the bunch closer to Sags and given their teammate a chance to win.
      That’s the thing that shits me about pro riders, how often lately they are happy to back off and ride for second because they would rather ride for second than pull the bunch up and allow the rest to contest for first after they have burnt their own matches.
      Sags was shagged at the end, but the two chasers and the bunch started to play cat and mouse, so he remained away.
      He deserved it and everything, but the selfishness, and lack of cohesion among the following riders allowed him to stay further out, in my opinion.

    • BRK

      I’m afraid I tend to agree. I really like Gerro… and I understand that before the race the team had decided to go with 2 leaders… but at that late stage in the race with a few a riders off the front you have to adjust tactics on the go.
      Surely the better tactic would have been to bury yourself for your quicker teammate, then either way, if your teammate wins or not, you’ve done your best for the team and there’s no questions left hanging.
      Incidently, I think Sagan probably would’ve won anyway. That was some ride by Sagan.

    • Michele

      I’m going to sit on the fence a bit with this … only because we don’t know the full story [still].
      I would love to know all the details and hear McGee’s thoughts on this.

      For instance, would your opinion change about Gerrans if McGee came out and said ‘we made them both team-leaders … and the tactics were if both are in the main group for the finale they could do their own thing and race to win’?

      As daft as those tactics might appear [and they are], I wonder if McGee [who is one of my all time fav riders] sat on the fence himself and decided not to decide and effectively let Gerrans and Matthews do what they wanted to do and told them so.

      Pre-race I thought Matthews should be outright leader and Gerrans’ task should be to mind him, assist him as much as possible. If a move went late, Gerrans either had to follow it, or turn himself inside out to make sure he got Matthews in a position to sprint for the win.

      I reckon if Gerrans was instructed before the race to do this, he would have obliged. And if he didn’t, then he rightly deserved to lose respect.
      You could argue Gerrans should still have been selfless – I imagine that’s easier said than done when you’re talking about professional cyclists who are used to being the ‘protected’ one.

      So the person I am most disappointed in is McGee. Fair to say there won’t be co-leaders next year. Maybe a Plan B.

      • Harry Knowles

        Gerrans was the protected rider when Cadel won worlds 2009 as well. Clearly, McGee, Stephens, et al, have a man crush for Gerrans that is showing no signs of slowing down…and justified, I suppose. Still, Matthews could have won gold if paired with the strength of a Gerrans’ lead out.

        Happy for Sagan, though. Gracious impromptu speech touching on refugee crisis in Europe was a classy touch.
        Not his first world title, either (Junior XC).

        • Michele

          Nice comment – agree wholeheartedly.

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