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  • scottmanning

    HI Alan,
    I’ve found it preferable to separate hydration from nutrition so I can accurately dose each as needed without on affecting the other (eg drinking when I didn’t need to because I needed carbs). Also the stickiness from spilt sports drink is enough that I only ever take water in the biddons. For food then, I use DIY gels for races (quick and easy – the receipe you sent me – not sure if it’s ok for me to share it here), but usually real food during training. I pretty much never use the same food more than a few times before moving onto something new. At the moment the go-to is the choc balls Ella posted earlier this year. https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/08/swedish-choklaboll-the-no-bake-chocolate-cookie/ These are great because they are not too sweet, are moist so don’t dry out my mouth, small, easily retrieved from an open ziploc bag in my jersey pocket (no wrapping/unwrapping) and taste great.

  • Superpilot

    I love these articles. I’m a bloke, and I don’t cook or bake at all well, but food for the bike piques my motivation and interest. I’ve found I get less discomfort racing on gels and carb drinks, but for training I try and go whole food, so these articles are perfect.
    I make the ‘Cocaine bars’, which I have renamed in my household to Bonq bars (trademark, lol). I find I make a half batch, cut into 8 bars, and eat a bar an hour, mixed up with bananas, pancakes, as they can get a bit much after 3 or 4. I did the math at that serving, and they come in about 270cal and 30g carbs. So easy to make, I make them two days before so they can cool and set before leaving early for a ride. Experimenting with slightly undercooking them so they are not crumbly, but more moist to eat.
    I am going to try the savoury gels, and indeed will be trying some roast potatoes in the pocket at some point soon!

    • Tim Cheshire

      What’s the recipe for the ‘bonq bars’?

    • Annie.

      I’ve started to eat boiled potatoes before races as my stomach wouln’t allow for anything else: They were nourishing and simply perfect in taste for that very purpose. I’m not sure if I’d eat them on the bike though, but why not?

  • scottmanning

    Holy Smoke! I bought all the ingredient for the Cocaine Bars this afternoon – over $60!! This had better make a lot more than 11 bars or that’s more expensive than cliff bars.

    • Superpilot

      Yeah, I made probably 4 lots of 8 bars in the serving size I listed above. Rather than a cup of each, I think I quartered it, actually. Using the full serve, you will want to share them around as that would be a lot of bars. Good luck, and don’t forget to alter the recipe to suit, I think next batch will have chocolate of some description…

      • scottmanning

        Ended up with 40 bars at 30g carbs each at full strength. That bought the price down close enough to $1 a bar (I have left over ingredients which would be used next time) which is in line with commercial muesli bars, without any unnecessary chemicals, and 50% carbs. They certainly pack a punch though, and I enjoyed them, easily eaten etc.


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