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  • Derek Maher

    That’s bad news. Okay girls time to get creative. Cycle down to the UCI head quarters and ask your women’s cycling promoter Brian Cookson to let you use the UCI training development equipment and coaching staff. Tell them some practical help would not go amiss.

  • GgrahamH

    The problem is not the loss of one sponsor, it’s the lack of a *diversity* of sponsors. Over reliance on just a few sponsors seems chronic in cycling, at least for national federations, most of which are registered charities in their home country. Since the vast majority of revenue for charities (60%+) in developed countries currently comes from individual donors (*not* corporations), the safest model for financial sustainability is to cultivate a broad base of private donors and sponsors such that the loss of any one will have a negligible impact.

    • Dave


      Alarm bells should be ringing at Cycling Australia, because this is the very same fate which awaits most of their programs if Gerry Ryan gets distracted by something more sparkly.


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