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  • ceedee

    Something not right here, Richie Porte would have been a 15 years old school boy in 2000.

    • My mistake – it was Zak Dempster who won that year and it was 2008. Corrected.

  • SteveAck

    Rowbotham doesn’t seem to miss the moves.

    • My mistake – it was Zak Dempster who won that year and it was 2008

    • Sean

      Has a good racing head on his shoulders.

  • Tip to win?

    Hayden Roulston is the only WorldTour rider to be racing, but lots of other talent in the startlist.

    Oliver Kent-Spark (search2retain) who won last year is racing again.

    Budget Forklifts came in 1-2-3 in 2013, and winner Sam Horgan (Budget Forklifts) plus the other two are racing this Saturday. Also, Jack Bobridge is racing with Budget as well. The best sprinter in the startlist is Scott Sunderland, but can he get over the climb 200km in? Any of the Avanti guys in their line-up could potentially win.

    Michael Schweizer from AWS is also a gun.

    My smokey is Ben Hill from Charter Mason after coming in 2nd at the Tour of Tasmania.

    Startlist here (pdf): http://www.vic.cycling.org.au/Portals/17/Road/2015_m2wStartlist.pdf

    • Sean

      Hayden is the clear favorite.

      A real smokey would be someone like Stephen Fairless :)

      • Wouldn’t that be something if Fairless won?!

        • Nathan

          Roulston got the call up to a race in China so won’t be there apparently!

        • Tim Ashton

          I saw the documentary about Stephen Fairless returning to racing while on a plane recently. Was very interesting and worth seeing.

          Anyone flying Qantas flights where there is a TV in the back of the seat, just go to the sports section and the documentary is there free to watch. Much better than Big Bang Theory re-runs!

  • JJ

    Really good post this.

    I hope they keep it true, there’s plenty of other opportunities for us Freds. It’d be like putting an escalator on Everest.

  • drexelator

    Is there a link anywhere to the course route? Wouldn’t mind taking my little man out for a look when they pass thru Geelong way.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    The Maccas on “McDonalds hill” is now closed and it’s converted to a funeral home. Kinda fitting for the last climb of a 260km race – and also for looking after ex customers.

  • myproject40

    Awesome – tomorrow I’ll be riding from Warrnambool to Melbourne , following in the tracks of my great grandfather (EJ Tilley) who rode the warny in 1910 on a Sutherland bike. He started at 6:19am (off 41min) and finished 12 hours later in 185th place. Maybe, I might get a chance to race it in the coming years and earn a medal as he did.

  • Jessy Vee

    Good luck to all the entrants! It’ll be a great race this year. Lots of talent, and a good many of my female friends racing for the first time!


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