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  • Gavin Adkins

    A great response to a ludicrous event.

  • donncha

    So why were the women missing from the UCI awards?

    They were invited: http://www.uci.ch/pressreleases/uci-cycling-gala-reward-world-best-elite-men-and-women-road-cyclists/

    • Gavin Adkins

      Mate, that’s like saying “I tried to call you, but not on a phone”. There was no women’s event on and I very much doubt the UCI would have offered to pay for flights and hotels.

    • Eleanor

      The UCI put on the event at the end of a men’s race, in Abu Dhabi, thousands of miles away from where any of the pro women are currently racing and training. Instead of paying lip service to equality, and wondering why the women didn’t/couldn’t come, the UCI should have held it as the grand finale to the World’s, when everyone was there.

      • donncha

        Fair point.

        Reading the press releases it seems like Abu Dhabi may have paid for the Gala event as well, e.g: “Hosted by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the United Arab Emirates Cycling Federation…”, rather like Adelaide/Melbourne always wanted to be the first or last race of the F1 season.

        Holding the Gala after Worlds isn’t a viable option as there’s still a month of the Men’s season remaining, so the winners of their awards are not yet finalised.

        A Women’s-only event after the Worlds doesn’t sound great.

        Should UCI aim to include a women’s race in Abu Dhabi thereby ensuring everyone is there? Would the women’s teams even want to extend the WT season by a month for such a race?

        Even just paying for tickets for the winners isn’t that great (though better than nothing admittedly) as there’d be only a handful of women amongst the entirety of the men’s WT teams.

        I’m not sure what the ideal solution is?

      • My_Oath

        I am stunned that this is not how it is done.

        You have the gala with all the associated awards, then at the end bring out the newly crowned World Champion-S with the big emphasis on the ‘S’.

        It becomes a celebration of the year of cycling and is an exclamation point on the championships itself – and is one of the very rare occasions ever when so many men and women athletes are already present.

  • Cyco

    I have to disagree with number 6 – I’d take Dani McKinnirey instead

  • Derek Maher

    Loads of good choices picked. Perhaps Pauline the little rocket from France with 3 rainbow jerseys across 3 cycling disciplines first in cycling history should have got a mention.


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