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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Alex

    I just don’t know about all of this. I’m not really a Sagan fan nor a fan of flamboyant, childish personalities like his. To me, his comments on the refugee crisis seem disingenuous coming form a man who has behaved so thoughtlessly (think podium behavior, ass grabbing and trophy machine gun in Paris) in the past. Those comments are just as likely to have originated from a PR team as they are from Sagan himself

    • Michele

      You did read this comment?

      “People might think this is all calculated but I don’t think it is. I think this is pure Peter. It was completely heartfelt. He had said it to her the night before. He was afraid of misspeaking because he knows his English isn’t great, even if he has improved tremendously in the last two years.

      “I think he is just a very honest and true guy. He is sharp and intelligent.”

    • A

      He is young and comes from a different culture with different cultural norms. Give him a break.

      • Annie.

        :D Not really. He is European. The cultural norms here aren’t that much different from yours. We’re more straight forward, maybe, and in parts of Europe people tend to say and do what they think.

        The ass-grabbing thing to me was nothing worse than the whole podium girl thing is in general. So he took it for what it is: What’s the problem?

        What I personally like about Sagan is that he is what he is. A great cyclist, very strong, very sharp, very independent, always something new. I love to see him ride and have fun.

        Also, there’s a lot going on amongst riders: Women, partying, drinking, all the usual stuff. And most of them pretend to be different. I prefer a Peter Sagan who fits in perfectly fine without playing a game of some sorts.

        Oh, and it’s always fun to see him being so versatile: Not skinny, but strong uphill anyways, for example.

    • Mark Rothschild

      Alex also like to,”Pull the Wings off Flies”…zzzzzzzz

    • david__g

      I was the first to criticize him for his arse grabbing on the podium which was dumb and rude. But it’s not difficult to see he has matured, as well as taking responsibility for that behaviour. Right now cycling needs 100 Sagans.

    • Tawny Frogmouth

      That’s dumber than anything Sagan has represented dude.
      Pinching arses isn’t so cool but it ain’t a sign of total corruption
      Check your own browser history and see if it’s consistent with your world view…
      I’m skeptical of the hard sell- everyone loves a winner…
      Most Aussies voted abbot!!!

  • Winky

    He’s one of the few riders that keep me interested in the pro side of the sport. Perhaps the only rider.

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    • Annie.

      To me, there’s not much more he could do to show how great a cyclist he is: Don’t measure him by wins and losses but by every single time when, again, he surprised every one else by somthing very unexpected and extraordianary.

      • Winky

        Agree. You’ve said what I meant to say. Yes, he’s already shown us how great he is. I’m impatient to see what sort of a career he can put together from here.

  • Pepito Sbazzeguti

    This is one of the best pieces so far.

    • Pamela Schlosser

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      • Michele

        Happy for you. It’s not too late to go to college as a mature aged student and learn some of the basic rules of grammar?

  • jules

    interesting piece Shane. Peto seems like a guy who’s led a charmed life but doesn’t take it for granted.

  • DNF

    Interesting article.
    I am also a fan of Peter Sagan. At last, a road cyclist that is having fun, a breath of fresh air in the all too serious roadie’s culture.

    Someone is refering to his immaturity, but I see quite the contrary: a young man who completely at ease with himself. Yes, he did a few mistakes (re podium-girl-gate), but he took responsability for it. He’s 25, and seem really aware that what is happening to him is wonderful (his talent, the money, the travels, etc.), so he enjoys it as he should for a young man.

    Cycling, especially road cycling need more people like him, I think. Go Peter!

  • Philip Lo

    one of the few characters on the pro tour that makes you want to follow cycling.. genuine, likable, with the potential for much more.. what will it take for him to be a grand tour GC contender? that’ll get even more interesting. can’t wait to see how the story of Peter Sagan unfold

    • Sean Doyle

      I hope that in time he doesn’t concentrate on becoming a tour rider. Pro racing is so much more that the freakin Tour. The tour racing is so hard that it pretty much excludes you from racing in some of the best races of the year and going for the win. Leave the tour racing to emaciated climbing freaks as that’s what the organisers seem to want.

  • Simon

    I like his take on things when speaking English too. That was a powerful statement after his win even if it was not perfect. I have a friend born in the old Czechoslovakia and we enjoy hearing non English speakers express themselves. They often mangle things struggling with the unique idioms of our language but it is always truly heartfelt and genuine. (Not that I can claim any proficiency in their native tongue) So to paraphrase their joy, “Peter is good boy, I love him!”

  • Slavko Vukic

    What Sagan really meant about the Refugees – Invasion crisis ??? WHITE European should come together and end this , because if this continue that few years would be NO cycling competition or any sport in Europe because of the “EU ORCHESTRATED Islamic invasion”and ISLAMIZATION OF EUROPE !!!! I heard him speaking in his OWN Slovakian language and THAT’S what he really wanted to say !!!!!! He is a PURE heart boy and he always say what he want !!! English is not his best, but he getting there !!! If Europe continue this way the whole continent would enter DARK ages of islam and end of the civilize word as we know !!! Civil war is now possible in EUROPE !!! So is the USA !!!!

    • jules

      who’s your tip for Lombardia then?

  • Oooh Lalala

    At last someone who behaves like a human, not just a (possibly doped) pedaling machine talking jargon.

  • Cycling fan

    I’m a big fan of Sagan, more so now with his more mature outlook as well as his bike skills. This is a great article. Would love to know about his family and childhood life, how he and his brother got into cycling etc but understand the guy needs some privacy. I hope that should he hit a bad form patch, he is strong enough to hold strong…it would be near impossible to keep the form he has now, year after year non-stop.

    Also for the people that constantly bring up the ‘podium incident’ – are you trying to tell me you didn’t do anything dumb in your 20s? I know I did. Heck even Jacky Bobby got done for drink driving (I think) when he was younger. It’s called growing up, and learning from mistakes. Which he obviously is.

  • Jonathan Newton

    Alex you’ve missed the point in the recent history of cycling. We have a refreshing if slightly awkward personality but super, super talented cyclist. And a decent guy too. By comparison, we had a ruthless Texan who played the cancer card to great effect, and yet somehow Sagan is disingenuous? One speaks English as a second language, maybe third I would imagine. The other its his mother tongue. Yet Sagan is manufactured? No mate you definitely don’t get it. He grabbed an arse, so what, a stupid churlish mistake which he apologised for. The Texan defrauded a generation and single-handedly ruined the livelihood of many honest competitors. Perhaps comparisons are odious, Alex, but you’re way off the compass mate re Sagan.

    • Annie.

      Yes, you’re right. Regarding languages:

      As far as I am informed, his Italian is pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jm4bNwwxgw

      Also, not everyone in the world has to speak perfect English (especially with regard to the majority of English-speaking people not being able to master any other language, even after spending many years in a foreign country); and it’s neither a sign of intelligence speaking a specific language, nor one of a lack of cleverness not doing so.

    • Henrique

      Plus, the trophy machine gun was hilarious

  • Slavko Vukic

    Why you DELETED people comments ??? Are you jew or communist ????

  • Mark Rothschild

    Peter is to Cycling,what Ali was to Boxing….FUN

    • Nitro

      Couldn’t agree more. For me, pro sport always has been and always will be about entertainment.

      Sagan’s “I’m here to win, but I’m also here to have fun – because I just love riding my bike” is surely everything a sponsor could ever want – since its a great message for the fans… Good luck to him.

  • Derek Maher

    I like watching Peter racing ,He always seems prepared to give it a go and he is only at the start of his best physical years.

  • anonymousktvz

    does anyone speak slovakian??? I want to know what he was saying to his girlfriend at the finish line- it looked like such a genuine romantic moment and at least in the US, there was no commentary broadcast on top of it, so you can hear the whole thing, if you speak slovakian!

    I kept the race on my tivo so I can probably provide a recording if someone needs it

    • Rio G

      It was like,

      Peter: Were you watching me at least?

      Kate: I WAS, sure.

  • De Mac

    Congrats to him and I’m sure he will do a whole lot more on the bike for a long time to come. He strikes me – from my exposure to media / events that surround him – as a bloke who likes to have genuine fun and who wears his heart on his sleeve – which makes him a VERY exciting racer! His reaction to the win was absolutely fantastic and you could see in his eyes that this was the biggest thing to happen to him and was, perhaps, the one thing that he desired above all else. Make no mistake, this year was hard on him, despite his many successes, as he was certainly publicly berated on a regular basis, by his boss and had many questions asked of him (and his talent) by the media – not to mention the awful exit from the Vuelta…

  • Mark Davies

    Now that he has has matured somewhat from 2013 I think Sagan is an incredibly good thing for cycling. All sports need some stars, combining ability, humour, personality but with maturity as well. I’d argue that this is especially important in cycling. In this way Sagan isn’t so different from Valentino Rossi, Diego Maradonna, Ayrton Senna or Usain Bolt


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017