• winkybiker

    Why his ban isn’t for life, and from all aspects of organised cycling is bewildering. We wouldn’t miss him.

    • Derek Maher

      Hi winkybiker, I guess as the guy is walking away from organised racing and finding an alternative career there is no point.
      As far as I am aware tourist cycling does not come under the UCI, WADA, or any other official sporting body so the participants are free to do as they wish.

      • winkybiker

        Yep. My point is more general, perhaps, and also recognising this; “He is eligible to return to racing on October 21 2017, but it is unclear if he will do so.” Hopefully his cyclo-tourism thing will be permanent. Not that I care, as long as he never returns to the professional peloton. Is he a victim of circumstances? Perhaps, but those circumstances won’t change for others until the consequences of doping are overwhelmingly negative for the cheats.

        • Dave

          I don’t think he was planning on coming back even before the second positive.

          Only in Italy would the anti-doping authorities have focused on a bloke who had signalled his intention to not return to the sport (by not registering for the testing pool) instead of testing the men and women who are current racers.

  • Stompin

    Small wonder doping continues. Santambrogio is a joke – ban him for 5 years – that will make anyone else think twice.

    • Derek Maher

      The guy has retired from UCI and WADA ruled racing so it does not mean a thing if he is banned. He is free to indulge himself with any prescription or over the counter drug his doctor thinks he needs like any other ordinary citizen. Of course those people who are thinking of taking up a sport should also way up the consequences of a change in life style. You cannot just stroll into your local chemist if you have a bad cold or the flu and buy cough medicines or other symptom relieving drugs unless you want to make the headlines.


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