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  • meezer

    Thanks for this article. Only last week I was in my doctor’s office complaining about my pelvic floor weakness, low sex drive and wild mood swings (I almost started a fight with a rogue dog walker while on my bike, and I’m more of the keep safe and ride away from the problem type). I asked for a hormone test to see if anything was up but she said nothing was up if I was still having periods. She thinks I have anxiety and should go on anti-depressants. I’m not disputing her but I don’t think she’s looking at the whole picture. The post-ride flushed face is also a pain as I have to wait half an hour longer before going into meetings after a ride regardless of how cold my shower is! I’ve been reading a lot into peri-menopausal athletes and your references are just what I was looking for — thank you.

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  • Anne Valta

    I can’t eat/drink whey protein because it contains lactose. I would like to know what is the best alternative. Thank you.

    • Stacy

      Hi Anne-
      If you go the vegan route, then use a combination of pea-hemp-quinoa with branched-chain amino acids added (BCAAs)

      • Anne Valta

        I have to go to the vegan route, I’m extremely lactose-intolerant :). Do you know if there is a product on the market with these ingredients you mentioned?

    • Lyre_bird

      It’s not difficult to isolate whey protein with no lactose, it just requires different processing. There are several “lactose free whey protein isolate” products on the market – just Google that string.

  • Denise Prince

    Thank you for a great article. It explains a lot about what is happening to me at the moment, especially with overheating and sweating, sleeping and trying to lose a bit of weight. The solutions are particularly helpful and I will be trying these out.

    • Evelyn Peer


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  • Deb Harris

    Just getting to this article now, thank you so much. This explains a lot, although I’m not sure I thoroughly understand all of it. Would you also recommend taking DHEA?


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