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  • Derek Maher

    Way to go Vincenzo,You are on a roll as the season draws to a close.

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    • CB

      Moreno is also on song, yet still no contract?

      • Neuron1

        Astana is missing a strong Spanish rider with Landa leaving. Just a thought.

  • Neuron1

    Nibali put on a clinic in descending skills. He didn’t have the power to pull cleanly away on the climb so instead changed his approach and pulled out all of his edge on the technical descent. Moreno had more power left on the flats but not the grinta on the hairpins. Nice ride. Clearly, having dropped Gilbert earlier was important to the tactics.

  • Michael Sproul


    Anyone else getting vertigo off the helicopter shots!

  • Michele

    In 20 years from now everyone will be thinking what in the world is Nibali wearing.

    They will be saying its like his version of the famous Look jersey.


    • Neuron1

      You couldn’t have planned the flag flying in like that. It was poetic.

      • Tom Parr

        Excellent. It’s pretty close to the jersey he *should* be wearing. Shame it landed the wrong way round – green should be on the left…

  • pedr09

    He’s great to watch but I just can’t cheer for Nibs like I used to.

  • jason hamlin

    His palmares are impressive. Just not gonna get behind astanas success

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    For me pro cycling doesn’t get any better than a guy winning not because of his watts/kg, but because of his heart and skill. BRAVO NIBALI!

  • david__g

    So hard to support this guy after his cheating in the vuelta.

  • Dave

    Good to finally see a race organiser setting up proper double barrier lines in the final of a major race.


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