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  • inopinatus

    If so many US teams can pull a fast one about extended naming with the p/b loophole (as in, “Team Cholmondeley-Featherstonhaugh presented by KitKat”), then couldn’t this team be similarly named “Team Dimension Data in support of Qhubeka”.

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    • Dave

      MTN-Qhubeka powered by Samsung did that themselves this year, but they didn’t have much success getting the broadcasters on board – not even SBS where Samsung was a broadcast sponsor!

    • MD

      My understanding is that they would be called “Team Dimension Data riding for Qhubeka”. Of course, no one is actually going to say that in a broadcast (and I cringe whenever I watch a US race and the commentator mentions a rider name followed by a team name as long as the ream roster :-)). I expect though that Qhubeka will still get plenty of coverage, especially if they are mentioned when ever a team member is interviewed and in press releases etc. The team’s media team have been good at getting the message across in various ways in the past – I am sure they will continue to do so, so the Qhubeka name will still be out there.

  • Derek Maher

    First priority is the team and its survival. At least one would think that’s the management /staff and rider’s sentiments. The people paying to keep the team on the road and marketing their products through sporting success and media attention is the name of the game.
    The charity connection was a great PR angle and gained the team an in with the UCI powers that be and also helped raise the profile of cycling in Africa.

  • dllm

    Hopefully the Qhubeka logo would still present on the team jersey.

    • Shane Stokes

      Hi, I think that will be the case…would be very surprised otherwise. I also expect the team to continue pushing hard for Qhubeka; Douglas Ryder told me it would remain a huge part of what the team is about

  • dyalander

    I don’t get the Barcalona comparison – the quote suggests Unicef fund Barca, the opposite is the case – Barca pay Unicef, UNicef don’t fund a team. http://foundation.fcbarcelona.com/projects/detail/card/partnership-with-unicef

    So it’s actually quite similar, Barca provide funds to Unicef, DD provide funds to Qhubeka.

    “This is not Unicef sponsoring FC Barcelona,” he continued. “This is Qhubeka, which doesn’t fund a team. It is a complete and utter charity that we raise funds for. We raised 550,000 euro during the Tour de France, nearly 600,000 euro – that was absolutely brilliant.”

    I guess this, somewhat ironically, speaks precisely to the sort of misunderstanding Qhubeka wish to avoid.

    • Dave

      I see that CT have edited out that quote since you pointed it out.


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