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  • Warwick

    Re: Toms question. We had our first child two years ago and must say I’m fitter and in better shape now, following a lot of Vo2 max trainer work. If you haven’t already, invest in a electronic trainer like a Wahoo etc, its easily the best money I have ever spent on cycling gear. I went through 4 months of not really riding figuring I was going to end up selling my bikes and get fat. Then bought the Wahoo, bought a bunch of the Sufferfest videos, and signed up to trainer road. It has amazed me how fit you can get for all sorts of races just on trainer miles alone.

    • Stompin

      +1 on the Wahoo and TrainerRoad

      • Shane Ingram

        +2 on Wahoo and TrainerRoad being the best cycling gear money spent for a time poor cyclist

        • JimboB

          +3 on Wahoo and Trainer Road, and SufferFest. Makes turbo sessions interesting, you can never “wimp out” on a session (well,you can by dialling back the intensity, but it’s a very conscious way of giving up, making you less likely to do it!), and the Sufferfest videos are always entertaining. The newer versions have excellent video quality too. I bought mine after breaking my leg and having it screwed back together – the Kickr was instrumental in getting me back to fitness within just a few months.

    • Jill Terrell

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