A weekend away with our Jaguar ‘Why I Ride’ competition winners

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In what was a fitting end to our Jaguar ‘Why I Ride competition, our six winners gathered in the Cathedral Ranges in Victoria last weekend, for two days of hard riding, eating, drinking, relaxing and sharing battle stories at each day’s end.

The winners were picked from thousands of entries and each had an inspiring reason for why they ride. Personally, I don’t have a profound reason to get up most mornings and turn the pedals. It’s sometimes to clear my head, for the thrill of competition, for the process of getting fit, or to inflate (or usually deflate) my ego.

For Team Sky’s CJ Sutton, who joined us for the weekend, riding a bike is not only his job, it’s a vehicle to see new places and take in the views. Competition winner Peter Bolton now rides because the sport was taken away from him after being diagnosed with cancer. He now realises what a privilege and gift it is to be able to get out for a ride, no matter what the weather.

For others, the bike is a simple escape. It’s about pushing one’s limits, finding adventure, feeling like a kid again, or to experience a life you otherwise wouldn’t.

There are endless reasons for loving to ride and we all have our own. The wonderful thing that this weekend showed was that we can all love the same thing for different reasons, and enjoy the riding together.

I’d like to thank Jaguar for hosting the ‘Why I Ride’ competition and drawing out thousands of inspiring and profound stories. It was a pleasure reading through them all and getting to spend a weekend riding with our worthy winners.

Below are some photos from the weekend and the fantastic (and tough) riding we got to partake in. As usual, Soigneur did a fantastic job at making everything run smoothly.


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