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  • Tyron Anton

    Great article. In the past I’ve explained this sport to people as requiring the strength, poise and finesse of gymnastics and the timing and elegance of synchronized swimming… except it’s all done on a bike, usually travelling backwards.

  • Browny Bogmouth

    As an Australian safety granny nanny athlete, I can only shake my head and say “wot, no helmet?”!!!

    • Annie.

      Ever seen figure skaters wearing helmets? You haven’t? …

      • Browny Bogmouth

        no. I haven’t.
        Is figure skating dangerous?

    • Mike Wolfenden


    • Gordon

      I am not a lawyer, let alone, an expert on international law but what is illegal about this activity held in another country ?

      Annie, I haven’t seen figure skaters wear helmets either but I have seen them be dropped/fall etc. I like your thinking.

      Perhaps riders in the tour will need to slow down to the speed limit in some of the small villages in France and Europe in future.

  • Dave

    This would fit nicely in the Olympics.

  • Simon

    Nice snowflake spoke pattern on one of the bikes. Some of these moves would add a much needed dash of panache to trackstanding at the lights.


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November 22, 2017
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