• Larry @CycleItalia

    Meanwhile UCI has just declared “Nothing to see here folks, move along” in regards to a team (Astana) that around a year ago they were trying to kick out of the sport? What’s the old saying about people who live in glass houses?

    • Puma

      And they are the first to get the Licence confirmed. This team is rotten since its begining with the dynamic epo duo.

      • Dave

        “And they are the first …”
        Only thanks to there being no team called Aardvark Pro Cycling.

        • Puma

          Thank you for pointing that out, sir. Very kind of you. I started to type one thing and got distracted. I meant “are in the first wave”. I hope the grammar is acceptable now.

  • Dave

    The lessons that athletics can learn from Cookson would be mostly along the lines of “what not to do” than anything else.

  • Derek Maher

    Best of luck Mr Cookson. Watching that WADA conference yesterday the chairman allowed himself to go into the realms of conjecture rather than cold facts. Okay the Russians took a bashing but they were not the only ones implicated in athletics and doping cover ups. The chairman wants Russia banned from RIO so one assumes he would include Russian cyclists. Not that WADA has the power to ban anyone that’s up to the federations and the Olympic committee. Plus a blanket ban of a countries athletes regardless of innocence or guilt is sure to be open to challenge in the courts.

    • Emma Jackson

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    • James Fifield

      The coverage I have read have limited the criticisms to Russions athletics, not all Russian sportsmen and sportswomen. Similarly I read the call for Russia to be barred from Rio as being for only athletics, not for all sports. As for a blanket ban for all Russian track and field athletes, I believe that the code would allow for such treatment (regardless of innocence or guilt) in the event that the Russian athletics federation was found to be complicit in the doping of athletes.

      • Dave

        Even if there was a campaign to ban Russia from the Olympics completely, you couldn’t expect the UCI to be part of supporting that. There’s no way that Cookson would want to get on the wrong side of the power behind his throne.

  • Tawny Frogmouth

    Cookson is going for the Frank Conceicaio look- heaps hotter!


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