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  • winkybiker

    Wow. Tiny, but cute nonetheless….

    If I truly had to pick fault, I’d say that the coloured seatpost, seatpost clamp and stem are slightly OTT for my taste (Oh, and the downtube bidon cage is a little grubby). But it is still one sweet ride.

    • d’dog

      Couldn’t agree with this comment more: I found the coloured seat post and clamp a little too much. Downtube bidon on a bike that already looks small makes it look cramped. Sweet colour scheme and yes, who cares about the weight!!

    • Pete

      I thought the same about the stem and seatpost. Trying to look like a Baum.

      • Sean

        That was my first thought – a fake Baum!

        • Cynic

          Errr…you do know Baum is copying the original (and iconic) Gulf Racing colour scheme don’t you?

          Just like Rapha trademarking endlessly copying the styling and colours of late 1960’s cycling kit. Somehow people can’t be bothered noticing the original (ie. St.Raphael team) and think Rapha invented it, along with black & white film.

          These “bikes of the bunch” always remind me of a bunch of fat blokes (me included) watching a Super model walk past and pick out the faults, the freckle on her ankle, the tiny scar on her knee, etc..

          Come on, it’s a pretty sweet ride.

          • CC

            Great analogy !!

      • Steel

        Complimentary colour sets like gulf racing or Martini racing are hardly new ideas. I painted our kids cubby house in the Martini colour scheme. It’s not a Baum trademark.

        • Kristen Edwards

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          • Chris

            Piss off spammer

    • TSP

      Incorrect. Mono colour seatpost, clamp and seat tube are a C60 standard.

      • winkybiker

        I’m not claiming right or wrong, just stating my preference. Anyway, not all factory C60 colours have matching seatposts and clamps. RSRD is a red frame with black bits.

    • CJ Blanc

      Not to mention the dirty finger print mark on the leading edge of the left fork! Come on……………it’s a thing of beauty. Enjoy!

  • Bex

    beautiful looking bike, i’m a big fan of the custom paint job (reminds me of a Baum) with matching seat post, clamp and stem. not such a fan of the bottle cages and i reckon instead of white bar tape, saddle and cages should be black take the number of colours back to 3. all that said, a lovely looking ride and some great work taking the photo’s.

  • Dom

    Not usually a fan of Colnago’s but this, this is good. I’d be seriously tempted to throw some blue velolex’s on there to go the whole way on the colour front.

    • SteveAck

      I too am not usually a fan of Colnagos. Unless they are a C40. Or C50. Or C59. or C60 or Master. or Mexico.

  • ronnn

    Similar to the Gulf Racing colours. Chris Williams (Novo Nordisk) got his side-bike painted up the same earlier this year…


    • Tristan Tucker

      This was designed December 2014 and painted Jan/ Feb 2015, as stated in the article he held off completing the bike until the right wheels and components were available.

      • Sebastian


    • Eric Hancock

      This is so nice. If it were a stock color, I’d buy another CAAD10.

  • Paolo

    Molto bene!

  • Doc Adrian

    Great colors. With the Gulf scheme my problem is the best Pantone/RAL code for the powder blue and orange. Mind sharing it?

    • winkybiker

      Pantone 291C(blue) and 165C(orange)

      • DocAdrian

        Thanks. Don’t mind us. It’s a thing of beauty.

  • Pete

    “And I would not dare mix Europe and Asia”. Isn’t FSA an Asian company?

    • Dave


      • Francis Tan

        its taiwanese! but they want to pretend to be euro so lets give them that.

  • Andy B

    Very nice :) really like the colours
    What size frame is that?

  • xkoum17

    and now, after reading the discussion, the owner of the bike has a reason to update his bike :)

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Love this ride. Especially its combination of show bike and everyday features; keeping the fork tips and chain stay black was genius and I bet you’re glad you had the restraint to do this. Every time you give it a clean or change a flat it would give the confidence to get the job done efficiently.
    On the other side of the coin if you’re going through the effort to get it custom painted why not get the seat tube and stem done – it just makes sense and looks great.

  • Tawny Frogmouth

    Being called the Gulf … Maybe they should have fossil fuel powered gear shift buttons. Petrol tank (for aeronautical grade distillate XFk501 of course) in the chain stays to keep centre of gravity above the W4nK coefficient.
    Offset emissions by turfing the desert – water it with diverted glacial flows.

    Plastic fantastic. I used to love Colnago and Campy for the heritage and tradition of craftsmanship…But this bike? = Everything that’s wrong with working mans diversions being $old out for …? For what?!

    (The only cool bikes with batteries have motors. And a great big box to carry stuff.)

  • smw

    Great job – be proud !!! for those with negative feedback #HatersGonnaHate

    • Tawny Frogmouth

      you’re right
      that was overly hatin’…at least regards an individual’s build…
      Gotta admit my scorn disabled my reading ability & thought it was a product review rather than a consumer gloat.

    • Allez Rouleur

      Here is the thing. These bikes are planned, purchased, built up, photographed, then written up. You don’t share unless you are open to feedback.

      Fine, this dude likes his bike. But, he shared it. I’m not hating, I’m expressing my reaction. I don’t think it looks good, I don’t like the cages, nor the white bits. And, having ridden with my pal on a C59 and C60, I’ve seen much better looking Colnagos.

      Not telling him he shouldn’t like it or ride it, but this doesn’t get me going. Kinda boring and for the $ he spent on it, that’s saying something.

      Having a different opinion doesn’t mean I’m a fucking “hater,” which is a juvenile and stupid term to begin with.

      • Gordon

        Do we really need the f word? You qustioned the association of CT with Andy White and Fyxo yet happily use the f word to defend yourself ….just sayin, as apparently that is what the cool dudes and dudettes say. Is dudettes PC?
        Re the bike. I do not like it as much as some of the other featured bikes but that is totally irelevant. If the owner is over the moon I reckon it is job well done. Ride it with pride.

      • echidna_sg

        Congrats. The first swear word I can recall on this site. Don’t like the bike? that would be your problem. I’m not a massive fan of some of the choices on it, but so what. It’s still a stunning bike.

      • Nitro

        I absolutely appreciate and respect differences of opinion, but drop the use of the F-word please. Not necessary.

  • TY

    FSA is Italian? European?

    • Cyco

      What parts on it are FSA?

      • winkybiker


  • Allez Rouleur

    Just my opinion, but isn’t that why these bikes are built up and posted?

    Cages don’t fit in.
    White pedals, saddle and tape don’t look good.
    Stem too short.
    Bars look odd.

    Whole bike makes me feel…ehhh.
    Give me 1/5 of the budget and I’ll build a better looking bike.

    Buddy has a C59 in white/black and a C60 in matte black and both are far, far nice than this.

    • svelt

      Just my opinion, but you’re a disgrace to the human race. Your posts are 95% whinge, perhaps time to disconnect the router.

      • Sean parker

        ‘disgrace to the human race?’ This bike is a complete vanity project and the owner is pompous enough to not want asian parts on the frame. Whilst the owner does not necessarily deserve massive criticism why should he be congratulated for his narcissism?

  • velomonkey

    WOW. I am reading this after returning from a ride on my NOS C59 w/ Campy EPS version 1, Time pedals, Deda cockpit and Bora One 50mm clinchers. Same bike, but I had to do mine on the cheap.

    I’ve had a ton of bikes, nothing rides like a colnago and the new Bora wheels compliment the frame perfectly. Campy isn’t a must, but it pairs will and EPS is just icing on the cake. I know the ride and it rides very, very well.

    As for the paint scheme love it. It’s so funny to read the whole (reminds me of a BAUM). Funny when people write on a public forum and look silly. FACT: the cold scheme is based off of a race car from the 1960s – probably before Darren was even born. If I was gonna nit pick: the white cages and white cables are a bit much, but, man, you got a sweet ride. Enjoy.

    I can’t stand when Bikes of the Bunch are just wicked expensive bikes, but this is something really special.

  • Kendb001

    It’s awesome!

  • Steven Andrews

    I think we need to look at ways to make cycling look more elitest. It just seems too accessible to the working man.

  • Mk

    I like it. Nice job

  • zlimas

    Great build Trent. I like that all of the contact points are white. It allows the custom bits to draw more attention. The wires are even heat shrinked in white where it counts. Inspiration!

  • Cameron Harris

    Unless there are two of these in Sydney, I saw this bike out the front of Rapha CC a couple of months ago. I think I managed to contain the drool – it’s stunning.

  • peter

    why such a short head stem ? if you went down a size your last bike must have had a very short one. I once read somewhere that Colnago’s were designed to be ridden with a 130mm stem. Nice looking bike , something different to all those shit looking black bikes.

    • CC

      Most custom builders will “try” to get you on a 120mm.

      • Sean Doyle

        Most custom builders will use a stem length that is appropriate to the fit of the rider and the style of the build.

    • Spider

      I tried to sell a 130mm stem on ebay – sat there for 6 months – all guys like to talk up their length but really long ones are not as common as everyone thinks!!

  • Josiah Ng

    I reckon the photos don’t do it justice. It would likely be far more stunning in real life. Not taking anything away from the photography. I just got a C60 and nothing rides like it. I’ve ridden sponsored bikes for 20 years and just retired so I can finally ride what I want!

  • easytiger

    I didn’t know Trent’s brother, but I use to race against Trent a million years ago with Northern Suburbs, and I am pretty sure he would be pretty upset about people slagging his bike, especially because it celebrates a part of his brother’s life.

    I would suggest that if any of the most vehement critics put their bikes up for this type of scrutiny they would think most of the comments unnecessarily critical. It is his choice, his money, not yours – how about don’t look if you don’t like it, don’t comment, and go do something constructive and positive like go ride your bike?

    • Spider

      agreed. I get so sick on people thinking that these reviews are ‘critics corner’ where the sole aim is to try and find something that isn’t perfect in their eyes and post that. My bike bike mechanic won’t even put pictures of my bikes on Instagram anymore….because ever hack has to comment of how tall they are (which is really surprising as I’m only a meager 6 foot 7).

      • Bettie Battle

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      • Maxine Smith


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    • Dave Stewart

      Well said. An awesome bike. I have always been taught, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. It’s a pity a few CT faceless bloggers weren’t taught this too.

  • Peter

    Well, I reckon that is a sweet looking bike. White highlight points look better than black would.

  • J P

    Sweet ride, most of these haters wouldn’t have a ride 1/2 as good.

  • Keir

    i reckon its pretty well executed. i like the 4 on the top tube. Looks great. Enjoy your ride!

  • Marcus

    I think it’s superb. Nice unique colour scheme, and I kinda like the seat post and stem detail. The only thing I would say is the bidon cages look cheap (they are cheap!), but that’s easily rectified. Nice work.

    • Superpilot

      They may be cheap, but they are actually really good cages…

      • Marcus

        I know, I’ve used them and they’re quite good. They just don’t belong aesthetically on a bike of this quality!

  • Will

    Impeccably clean, apart from the bottle cage ;-)

  • Superpilot

    this bike is rad. You’ve gone to a lot of effort to make it your own, something most people who buy bikes off the shelf will never understand the pleasure of undertaking. It’s your own bike, and you built it how you wanted, so enjoy the heck out of it.
    I’d love to do a bike of the bunch on my bike. It would really give the moaners something proper to whinge about! Sheesh.

  • De Mac

    Classy rig – enjoy the ride mate!

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Gorgeous! – from a guy who doesn’t care for carbon-fiber or battery-operated bicycles.

  • 900Aero

    Lovely bike, bet it rides well too.
    Is that you riding it in the Rapha ad Trent? Hope they gave you some nice freebies. If that is you, where was it shot – West Head? Bobbo?

  • Eric Hancock

    This is really beautifully executed. I hope the owner rides the hell out of it. A custom-geo C60 is on my wish list.

    I’m curious, though: couldn’t this have been done in Italy as a custom color? I suppose the lead time would have been longer.


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