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  • sss

    What a lovely bike. It’s pleasing to see a steel frame with a matching steel fork.

    I have also spent a few hours in Joe’s workshop. I dropped of my old GEFSCO to get a rear tip repaired and ended up spending over 3 hrs chatting with the man. The same again when I went to pick it up. Joe is an absolute gentleman with a wealth of cycling knowledge.

    I dream of having him build me a frame one day.

    • Simon

      +1 lovely colour (my favourite) and a nicely balanced bike. This is how bikes s/be built and set up. Icing on the cake? No doubt the polished lugs. One small gripe, but it’s not my bike, is the number of transfers. I prefer that wonderful paint job to speak for itself. Btw what are the two screws on the LH chainstay for? Finally can you give the head and seat angles?

      • RayG

        EPS battery holder screws? Agree it looks a bit busy, but not in a loud way.

      • winkybiker

        Yes, that big sticker on the TT wouldn’t be missed at all. Otherwise, lovely, lovely bike. Brilliant colour. Lugs, steel fork, alloy rims and mechanical Campag. Perfect.

      • Ssanchez

        The two screws are for a custom garmin cadence sensor adaptor plate. As he mentions, the transfers are there to highlight the groupset and represent Joe’s tribute to Campagnolo.

  • velocite

    Very fine pictures, don’t know that I’ve ever seen better. I’d like to commission pics of a similar standard of my bike, highlighting the rounded spoke nipples, scuffed cranks et al..

  • BRK

    I’m jealous… but happy there are people willing and able to build bikes like this :)

  • Whammy

    I wish my Reid bike looked this nice.

    • Whammy (different whammy)

      I know! Where are the reviews of best hikes under $500? Or $1,000 or $2,000? Would be handy for the entry level/commuter rider or parent buying for their kids!

      • Peter

        Yeah, I see your point, but I think Cyclingtips have pegged their market as racers, ex-racers, sportive and gran fondo riders and MAMILs/MAWILs who can afford and appreciate pricier bikes.

        Also, they are covering the top end of the market to appeal to our “higher nature” – wouldn’t it be great if I could afford that bike…etc.

        I gotta say, though, the author telling us this bike is just anotjer one he will add to his stable is a bit deflating for me.

        If I owned that bike I would probably be satisfied for at least 5 years with nothing else in the shed (matbe for the rest of my life).

        This bike is a thing of beauty, to be adored faithfully and forsaking all others.

        • Sean parker

          Yes, I too had a custom bike made when I grew tired of my Look, Pinarello and 1970 Olmo (kept for L’Eroica, you know). I had to sell my Merckx because it became contaminated when someone lent their Shimano equipped Giant against it at l’Musette Cafe.
          I eventually found a supplier of lugs that had been found wrapped in a hat worn by Anquetil. Unfortunately they only cost $5000 so I had to pass and bought some rumoured to be fashioned St Campagnolo. Wrapped in a Molteni Jersey, they came in a a walnut box with a dapper Italian kerchief.
          Thus equiped, my bike was crafted by old toothless Italians with authentic European lathes. The welding was done by an old authentic method, known as ‘Manufacte de Taiwan’, I am not sure what that translates to.
          Anyway, I had the shop inspected to ensure that there were no Asian sourced tools and I am satisfied that I have the most exclusive bike in Australia. There is still spittle on the top tube from the craftsman. I had it lacquered over to preserve the mystique, you know.

          • Peter

            Luxury! When I were a lad…

            • Sean parker

              Saddles! We couldn’t afford saddles! No, we had bricks. Eventually I trained my dachshund to perch on the top tube.
              But you tell young folk today and they won’t believe you.

        • Bessie Griggs

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      • Robert Merkel

        There are any number of sites that do that sort of thing. Bikeradar, road.cc, etc. etc. etc. Frankly, much of the time they seem to be splitting hairs over minute differences.

        Furthermore, in that price range, a lot of the time the best bike depends on what you can get on runout.

  • JJ

    A thing of beauty. You know it’s in great nick when there isn’t a spec in the closeups. Nice work.

  • De Mac


  • SteveAck


  • Chris

    Just wow. Love it. Love the bare steel “decals”.

  • GregpR1

    Beautiful bike! That paint looks stunning & SR RS just to top it off, Joe’s workshop sounds like a great place to visit :)

  • horses

    It sounds like Joe and his workshop could make for a separate article that would be as pleasing as this bike.

  • Seg68

    Best looking bike I have seen.

  • Fidel Louis

    This is one of the greatest bikes ever. I know from experience. I owned a red Frezoni equipped with Campagnolo Super Record and Synergy wheels back in 1996. Not only was my bike a head-turner, it might have been one of the most expensive bikes in NYC. I’ve since ridden carbon-fiber Colnago and Pinarello but none comes close to the stiffness and balance of a Columbus steel Frezoni. Great for climbing – a la Richard Virenque. Joe Cosgrove is one of the greatest builders of all time, but unfortunately he lives in Australia (lol!)


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