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  • Darren Yearsley

    Quite the comedian that Burtie

  • Mark Wells

    “With the system of anti-doping control we now have and the quantity of those tests for the top riders, it is impossible to cheat,”. I doubt any pro in the peloton really believes that, or any pro in any sport, but Bertie wants us to.

  • choppy

    christmas in July……”April fools” in November?

  • ummm…

    If the news from his physio is that it is impossible to cheat, then he needs a new physio. Anyway, not a positive comment by me – if positive means delightful and simple.

  • Pete

    I was at Annecy in 2009 when Bertie won the Time Trial there, relegating Cancellara into 2nd place on that stage.
    There were a lot of people who didn’t believe what they saw that day.


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