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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Dave

    Tiff obviously hasn’t been paying attention to the crowds on the Saturday the last few years if she thinks they could possibly get worse than what they are currently. Last time I went on a Saturday, the atmosphere was about the same as at a Sheffield Shield match destined for a boring draw – most notably thanks to the kids playing cricket on the road between laps!

    • Blair C.

      You should try heading up to the KOM village to watch the women’s race.
      The last two years there’s been a pretty descent sized, vocal group up there, plenty good atmosphere.

      • Dave

        I’m glad to hear things have improved in the last couple of years, the event looked to be at risk of downsizing when I was there three years ago.

  • Winky

    Whilst I personally don’t think “coverage” is necessary or even important for sports generally, I like to see steps taken to reduce unequal treatment. I’d also really like to see the prize money made exactly equal between the men’s and women’s events. And by equal, I mean zero for both.

    • Scott McGrory

      There is no prize money at Road Nats. And yet it’s a very well supported event, which is a direct indication as to what it means to the riders.

      • winkybiker

        Thanks. I didn’t realise that. There is prizemoney at absolutely everything (including Granfondos!) here in British Columbia. Prizemoney doesn’t attract many riders. At any given event only a handful are ever in the running – the rest just do it for the experience. It would change nearly(?) all events for the better if the prizemoney was eliminated and the entry fees reduced accordingly.

  • Kiwicyclist

    In response to Tiffany’s concerns – as a spectator I will be heading down early with my kids to make sure we catch the women’s race as well, not only because I’m looking forward to seeing the women race but also for the benefit of my 13 year old daughter who is starting out as a junior rider. With heavy family commitments most weekends, getting down to see a separate race on Saturday has not been feasible in the past so I see this as a good move forward and I hope the women riders enjoy what should be large(r) crowds on the Sunday.

  • Adam Fuller

    Whilst this is an improvement and should be recognised as such the claim they don’t have the airtime available is crap. They have 3 channels showing nothing but rubbish on a Sunday. They could easily carry this on Go or Gem.

    • Dave

      It’s not crap, it’s a nice way of saying that they would really rather not cut something more profitable (e.g. repeats of SpongeBob SquarePants) to extend the cycling coverage by an extra hour. If the ratings are good enough to make it profitable, it will certainly get extended again for 2017.

      I expect it will be on 9Go or 9Gem and not 9/9HD, as a standard definition only broadcast will save them money on satellite bandwidth.

  • De Mac

    I kind of get Tiffany Cromwell’s stance re the ‘sideshow’ aspect – perhaps a number of female cyclists feel that way, I dunno??? What I will say is that La Course on the final day of the TdF has been BIG the past couple of years and I would hardly consider that to be a sideshow, more an excellent showcase of Professional Women’s Cycling; which may also be the outcome of having the Women’s Road Nats on the same day as the men. Some people won’t travel two days, so if they get to see both road races in the one day, it is a positive, right?

    • Dave

      If Tiff is concerned about the impact of being the undercard on the same day as the main event, she should try attending Adelaide Oval for the two WBBL matches on December 31 and January 1, then chat to some of the players about which event they enjoyed more.

      • justanotheropinion

        I also agree with you. Looking at cricket, 20/20 is a great showcase for what cricket is and can be. But without the big $$$ I doubt it would survive or be as big. If you talk to most cricketers they will most likely say they love the longer game with only a small amount of the public also supporting it in its true sense, most go to one day, day night matches and the BBL. Its packaged well and looks good.
        So like La Course with the women’s race on the same day but earlier it will have the best chance to show the public what womens racing is like to the biggest audience. This also applies to the mens and road racing in general.
        If cycle racing is to flourish then everyone involved needs to understand that the product of cycling is the entertainment and needs to be portrayed and raced as such a way.
        Only then will more sponsorship money flow through to it. Just look at how many olympic sports are rotting slowly because they do not know how to promote themselves effectively. Why else is the Olympic movement stealing Xgames sports? Tiffany Cromwell needs to take this opportunity and run hard with it. Make their race better than the mens. Step up to the plate, forget about not having “Their own day”. make it Australia’s cycling day.

  • justanotheropinion

    We cyclist would all love to see more racing on TV. It is our sport of interest after all. But the reality as I see it is that the TV watching population at large will just turn off after 5 mins. 10 tops. Cycling can be and is boring as watching paint dry for as a guess 85-90% of the time. This is why the TDF and the Giro shows so much scenery etc to sell the countrys as a holiday destination.
    I really think cycling works better as a well edited package similar to how the World Rally Championship is broadcast. Foxsports NRS packages are on the money which is why it, the Bike Lane and GCN does so well and websites like this.
    A longer show could work for the Nationals highlighting its prestige with a whole range of options to use as TV filler for outside the racing action. But TV time is expensive and Sponsors want value for money and to see their product projected in the best possible way.
    I think the live coverage for the general population would currently put cycling TV in the same category as marathon, fun run and Triathlon coverage and be bored to death by it and switch off. It really does nothing to make people want to take up the sport.
    Outside of Track, CX, BMX and Trials riding. Actually riding a bike is way more fun to do than watch. (Oh MTB – downhill & crosscountry is better packaged for TV)


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017