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  • Bex

    No Iranians at the KOM challange? were they ‘not invited’ this year or has the race introduced drug testing? $43,000 sounds like very decent prize money compared to just about any other race I’ve heard of.

    • Zero-Tolerance Anti-Doping Policy that was introduced in 2014: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/07/2015-taiwan-kom-challenge-prize-money-tops-80000usd/

    • Debra Moore


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  • ron

    Adelaide = sea level, Aguascalientes, Mexico = 1900m AHD. Any ideas on how much harder this will make the Hour Record for Bridie O’Donnell?? Good luck to her!

    • donncha

      All the info you’ll ever need re: track hour records…


      • Arfy

        Alex uses a fixed air temperature for his comparison. Generally at higher altitude you will get lower air temperature, and Bridie’s attempt will be in Adelaide during the middle of summer, so it’s not so straight forward to say if she will suffer from being at sea level or not. I bet she’s hoping for a warm one.

        • Dave

          Worth noting that the current Australian record was set at sea level.

    • Dave

      I expect Bridie to beat Anna Millward’s women’s national record of 43.501 km (which was also the women’s world record at the time) thanks to the changes in equipment rules – Millward rode under the old ‘Merckx bike’ rules.

      It’s worth noting that if you use the Boardman records under both the Merckx bike and track bike rules, you generate a conversion factor of +5.7% for switching to the current track bike rules. This means that the Millward women’s national record of 43.501 km translates to 45.990 km under the current rules and that the Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel figure of 46.065 km is still the true women’s world record at 48.701 km.

      This is why I don’t expect Bridie to take the world record (let alone to beat the converted figure for Van Moorsel) because that would first mean beating Anna Millward on equal terms by more than a full lap. No disrespect to Bridie, but in an all-time greatest team of Australian women road cyclists she wouldn’t even get a role fetching bidons for a legend like Anna Millward.

      Oh, and well done CT – your articles are cited multiple times on the rather comprehensive Wikipedia article regarding the hour record :D

      • jules

        she was national ITT champ in 2008.

        • Paolo

          Thar’s not really comparable to what Van Moorsel and Millward have achieved. I think she’ll struggle to do 43km.

          • Dave

            I think she’ll beat 43km (on the back of using superior equipment) and possibly even Millward’s 43.501, but she won’t go close to either the current track bike record or the adjusted performances of Millward (45.990) and Van Moorsel (48.701).

      • Robert Merkel

        I think you’re underestimating the advantage of TT equipment; it’s likely closer to 4 km/h.

        While I don’t think it’s a gimme, I think it’s well within the realms of feasibility for Bridie to take this.

        • Dave

          Chris Boardman is the only male rider to have achieved both the Hour Record (49.441 with a Merckx bike) and the Best Effort (52.270 with a track TT bike) – which is where the +5.7% comes from.

          Jeannie Longo did it under both categories with a difference of +6.7% – but her figures have to be taken with a pinch of salt given her history.

    • Michele

      Yeah, but then you have the other, almost intangible, factor to weigh it.

      Adelaide is awesome!

      I’m not dissing on Aguascalientes, but we’re talking about Radelaide here.

      That’s got to count for something.

      • Dave

        Performing in front of a crowd which won’t double if the stadium manager brings his pet dog would help.

        • Dave

          Having said that, I’ve just seen that her race will be on the Friday evening of the TDU week. Sorry, but I’ll probably be too buggered from the Bupa Challenge (including the battle with the traffic back from Victor Harbor) to be bothered to go across the other side of town to the Superdrome.

          The Wednesday evening would be better, considering that the WTDU finishes on the Tuesday and that a Wednesday track meet would make it easier for the program to include some sort of exhibition event (a Madison perhaps?) featuring riders from all the women’s road teams. Throw in men’s and women’s kierin events and it would be a great night out!

  • Tim Ashton

    That banner photo is pretty special!

    • Marie Brown


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  • Jessy Vee

    “Monier took the top prize of $1-million NT ($43k AUD, $31k USD) with a time of 3 hours, 34 min. and 19 seconds.”

    So… what did Eri Yonamine get for winning the womens race by over 17 minutes?

    • Tawny Frogmouth

      Interesting Q
      Zero drug tolerance …

      • Jessy Vee

        I wasn’t insinuating that Eri was doping in order to win by a 17min margin. She is a world class rider, a proven hill climb specialist and a champion mountain biker. The race was held with a co-ed peloton, and Eri managed to hold on with a faster group of males, which would account for the much faster time. There is absolutely NO suggestion on my behalf that anyone was taking drugs.

        For the record (And I’ve just read over at Ella) the women’s prize purse was a pathetic $200,000 NTS ($8,654 AUD)… https://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/11/eri-yonamine-takes-win-atop-one-of-the-worlds-toughest-climbs/

        • Derek Maher

          She might have had to share her winning purse with her male cycling coach as he paced her to the top and helped her get a gap on the second woman racer ?.

      • Dave

        If it were a race run under UCI rules for one day races, she would have been 12 minutes outside the time cut.

        It would be interesting to know if the prizemoney is divided up as providing prizes for the leaders of each division (elite men, grade A, B, C etc and women) plus a bonus for the overall winner regardless of what division they come from. This would be the most equitable way to divide the pie.

  • Dave

    So, looks like Horner and Pozzato have both opted for the ‘humiliating slide into obscurity’ as their path out of the sport.

    Not a bad result for a pair of dirty dopers.

  • De Mac

    Great to see South Gippslander Stu Smith roll in for sixth in the Taiwan KOM.


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