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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Abdu

    Will someone please back Adam Hansen with some serious cash and marketing grunt?

    This guy is awesome, and it’s a huge opportunity right now. I want to see what else he will come up with if he gets the support…

    • Albert

      If Martin Velits (and others) can have their own apparel brands then surely Hansen can too …

  • cy

    “The enthusiasm of a child combined with 23 seasons of experience, with high and lows that have made me understanding, will help me give my best! Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to continue so much and thanks to CCC for this new adventure. I’m still too motivated and determined to call it a day. Passion has no age.”

    Translates as: I’ve been a doper for years, never spat in the soup (dumped anyone else in, or took too many races) so the Omerta and the UCI will let me carry on into retirement untouched.

  • david

    Does anyone know why Drapac are doing Tour de San Luis and (presumably) not Tour Down Under?

    • Robert Merkel

      They have the TDU on their race program.

      If they’re all fit they should be able to put a roster up for both.

      • david

        Oh yeah, didn’t think that through did I? Thanks.

      • jules

        they’ve entered Canty only into TDU and everyone else will try and win San Luis

      • Dave

        Teams for the TDU are a maximum of seven riders each, and I’m guessing that San Luis is probably six or seven.

        Plenty of room to send a full-size squad to both, unless the Aussie riders on the team all piling into each other going for the same bidon at the feed zone during the national championship race earlier in January.

  • Michele

    The Tour de San Luis looks like a fun race.
    It’s not everyday the stage winner gets to play a game of peek-a-boo as they cross the line.

  • a different ben

    The feature photo is superb :)

    • Sean

      Absent stare of a CX racer. Those who know, know ;)

      • Cynthia Dorsey


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  • Nitro

    If there’s a video on this site, there’s a good chance I’ll watch it…

    If I start watching a video, there’s an extremely good chance (almost certain) that I’ll watch all the way the end…

    The 1989 Tour de Trump – Just make it go away !

  • Sean Doyle

    The thing that worries me about the rhetoric of a black African rider winning the Tour in the next 10 years is that it’s coming off the back of performances in athletics and marathons. It is widely supported notion that the lack of doping controls in those countries is the sole reason for their performances. I do hope for new winners and a wider appeal to bike racing but for the right reasons.

    • Robert Merkel

      Leaving the doping question aside for the moment…

      My understanding was that one of the claimed reasons for east African runners’ dominance in distance events is that their running gait was particularly efficient due to differences in bones and ligament structure.

      That’s not necessarily going to translate to cycling.

      • jules

        part of African success is just that foot-based transport is prolific over there, while it is not over here. you only have to see some of the insane talent that comes out of junior cycling in Australia – talent that is being drawn from an artificially small pool due to the sport’s unpopular status here – to realise that there is massive, latent untapped talent. African society is just structured in a way that better lends itself to identifying running talent.

        for the same reason, I doubt they’ll take over competitive cycling.

        • Laurens

          But then again, if more african children have access to bikes (Qhubeka) they will probably ride everywhere. Not like aussie kids who ride if it’s less than 1k and take the bus (or a ride in, say, a Kluger) for anything longer.
          Simplifying of course but I could see it happen.

          • jules

            fair point. another factor is shorter distances in Australia. this is also the case in places like Denmark, Netherlands – which have impressive cycling rates – but do not dominate competitive cycling (they do OK). this may be due to a culture of ‘slow cycling’, which is associated with ducking down to the shops only. whereas in Africa I believe the distances are often greater, which better replicates the demands of competitive endurance cycling (and running).

  • Arfy

    Call-out to all Victorians interested in better cycling planning, the State Government is updating the Victorian cycling strategy and want public feedback via their survey:

  • Sean

    It’s a shame Trump and Oleg weren’t involved with cycling at the same time.

    • Dave

      Would love to see them race a sprint match on the boards!

  • Pete

    Damn, I was hoping Sagan might have been lured to ride the TDU. Would be cool to see the World Champ ride around Adelaide.

  • Cover Girl rides for a small yet succesful team from southern Poland. A lot of talented young riders comes from their roster (e.g. U23 XCO specialist Rita Malinkiewicz) Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/Goodman-MTB-Team-129643387118404/

  • david__g

    That Peloton interview with Hansen is great. His attitude towards gear and training and life in general seems spot on. Scary smart too (I think, I’m not smart enough to know if he’s talking bullshit)

  • Michael Sproul

    Hansen for a couple of guest tech articles please!!


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017