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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
  • Dave

    At first glance, the white pockets on the back of the Movistar kit look a bit out of place. But when you consider they will normally have numbers pinned on top you won’t notice them in races.

    I wonder if that means they are intending on printing the race numbers onto the pocket panels each day instead of using the traditional method? If it did happen, it would be the biggest change in kit design since the switch to lycra if it did happen.

    That’s a really awkward photo shoot with Nairo Quintana though!

    • Kieran Degan

      MY thoughts exactly. Especially about the awkwardness.

  • Bex

    that bmx vid is awesome with it’s use of perspective. so hard to follow what’s really there and how big stuff is.

    • Dave

      I want to watch it again and again!

      Quite possibly the best cycling video since the first couple of Road Bike Party videos.

      • Bex

        i did enjoy Danny MacAskills imaginate video as well. It’s great to see they manage to pull off something unique after all this time of bike video’s.

  • jules

    how can RCS be $450 million in debt? that’s enough to finance a small country

    • Michele

      Two words:

      Michele Acquarone

      …. well, that will be the excuse put forth anyway.

      If anything, the size of the debt harmonises with what Michele was suggesting shortly after he was sacked from RCS.

  • Michele

    My estimation of Campbell only went up after reading that interview.

    A brave [but correct] decision. He could’ve just tried to ‘fake’ his way through a professional career. He’s young, and he’s got the world in front of him – no matter what he chooses to do.

    I wish him all the best for his future.

    • Neil

      Completely agree. Having the ability to do something is different to wanting to. All the best for the future Campbell.

      • jules

        this is one thing that makes riders like Cadel special. massive talent and a burning desire. it’s probably also why they are often a bit quirky..

        • Arfy

          Very surprising Cadel’s not the number one nomination in CA’s Hall Of Fame:

          • Sean

            He hasn’t been retired long enough to qualify. Someone else here would know foresure? I’m pretty sure he’d need to be retired for 2 years.

            • Arfy

              I knew he should’ve retired earlier!

              • Dave

                Even if he were on the list, Cadel Evans would not appear at the top of it thanks to the nominees being listed in roughly chronological order.

                Two years is quite a short period compared to how these operate in many other sports. With the doping culture of cycling, it should probably be five years to let the dust settle a bit.

                As the two cyclists who have stood head and shoulders above the rest in the modern era, the inductions of Cadel Evans and Anna Meares should come together at the end of 2018. Legend status certainly awaits both in 2025-2026.

          • chop

            have to be retired for 2 yrs i think to qualify

    • James

      I believe Campbell was spotted through a talent ID programme so it is quite possible that that deep seated desire to be a professional cyclist with all the sacrifices it entails was never really there. He’s obviously a very talented rider to have made it as far as he has but I guess some kids grow up with a burning desire to be a pro and others find it is not the life for them. And that is no disrepect whatsoever to his decision. Living a life that entails that much discipline at the top level is certainly not a normal life.

      • Dave

        This will certainly cause some major thinking to be done by the administrators of said junior programs. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing more sustainable development instead of burning out so many athletes before they turn 25.

        I doubt that there would be any other country in the cycling world with such a high ratio of junior level international success to gold medals at elite World/Olympic level.

        • Sean

          Spot on Dave, we have been over cooking athletes for 30 years.The sports funding depends on olympic success, while this is the case, young athletes will always be treated like meat. The current administrators are killing the sport. Under their watch, numbers are in the gutter. They’re running a boys club.

    • Ron

      Maybe he just realised he liked to ride his bike for fun…..not money. Don’t sweat it Campbell, you got plenty of time to work out what you want to do.

      • Craig

        I’m 48 and still don’t know what I want to do!!

        • jules

          you’ve run out of time ;)

        • Sean

          Perhaps we all have too much choice? things are too easy?

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  • Michele

    Peter Sagan got married online?
    Guessing the Invites didn’t suggest “Formal Attire” :)

    • Sean

      That is the most sensible post i’ve seen from you in weeks. :-)

      • Michele

        And I still had to edit it 3 times; just to correct the spelling and grammatical errors. :)

        • Dave

          Learn to type an ellipsis properly you fool! Everyone with a clue knows that a proper ellipsis looks far better than the lazy man’s option of three periods in a row …


          • Sean

            You lost me on learn.. anyway i’m sure Michele can type an ellipsis properly.

  • Paolo

    So 2016 will be the last season for the three warriors Tommeke, Spartacus and Pistolero and they all want to go out with a bang. I hope no crashes etc. get in the way and we should be in for a great show in the classics and the Tour.

  • Michele

    My favourite Peter Sagan photo.

    Wedding? Or are they shooting a remake of the Princess Bride, and Sagan’s playing Westley?

  • Nitro

    Wonder what the postage charge is for getting a motorhome from England to Australia…

    Ah – there’s a problem – left hand drive…

    • No thanks

      Owning that thing would be a nightmare! All the Hubbards would follow you around town asking to see Froomey and the French would be constantly throwing cups of urine at you.

    • Laurens

      You won’t have to worry about that: the auction was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing. Whatever that means.

      • Dave

        They just found out one of their new recruits for 2016 loves the baked beans?

  • Stompin

    Campbell Flakemore: it would be too easy to say ‘youth is wasted on the young’, but in this case, bravo for making a gutsy decision.

  • Trias

    Vittorio is a bit bonkers surely.
    Also, is he sponsored by Tinkoff or just a big fan? Crazy as Oleg I suppose

  • Saganator

    Nooooooo Fabian dont go!! Actually, looks like Sagan has taken over Fabians mantle of best man-mane of the peleton!

  • Mike

    Might be an unpopular thing to say but I find myself extremely disappointed in Campbell Flakemore, for me, this decision represents the blindness and inexperience of youth, such an opportunity and talent wasted. Even if things weren’t going so well for him at the moment (lack of motivation, homesickness), he will look back in a few years when he has a regular 9 – 5 job and regret turning his back on such an amazing career. It’s easy to say “I’m not enjoying it” but when faced with the challenges of a regular life, I’m sure riding a bike professionally would seem a lot more appealing

    • 42x16ss

      Read the interview – this was a decision made over 18 months, not 18 minutes.

      He gave it plenty of time to see if things would work.

    • Nick Clark

      All the talent in the world doesn’t mean you actually want to do a thing. Especially something that requires an utter life commitment in the way that elite sports does…

    • Michele

      I have a mate who has an Accountancy degree.

      An amazing mind; got into Forensic Accounting for a large firm here in Adelaide. Was instrumental in catching out a few clever “book cookers”. He was destined for ‘big things’. Partnership would def been on the cards.

      By the age of 26 he had quit. He just didn’t like his job. Gave it a fair go [just like Campbell did].

      He now works outside in the Landscaping industry. He absolutely loves it. Been doing it for 10 years. Hasn’t looked back, even though he earns roughly the same now as he did 10 years ago. If he stuck with his accounting work his annual income would be nearly doubled.

      He’s genuinely happy doing what he does now.

      Mike … are you extremely disappointed in my mate?

      BTW – what makes you automatically assume being a pro rider is an ‘amazing career’ compared to what Campbell choses to do? That is not for us to decide.

      • Joel

        I agree with Michele.

        I think that commenting from the side on someone else’s career decisions is interesting to say the least. It’s a form of envy which is wholly misplaced. Look inwards before judging others on their choices – or as Yoda would say – search your feelings…

        Good luck Campbell – no one is one dimensional and one size does not fit all.

      • jules

        any industry in which the demand for jobs (by employees) is higher than the demand for employees (by employers) is ripe for exploitation. this is why we see aspiring teenage models taking their clothes off for lecherous ‘photographers’, and why being a pro cyclist can mean being a cog in the machine.

        in market failure terms, I’d argue that this is a symptom of information assymetry. the demand by potential employees (to be pro cyclists) is based on inaccurate, romantic misconceptions of the reality. employers (DSs, team owners) know this and work out they can mistreat employees (cyclists) – knowing that the romantic drivers of employee-cyclists will fill that void.

        in a way, the same goes for high income positions, like accounting partners. a lot of pressure is brought to bear on senior office holders. being a genius won’t necessarily help you succeed in managing that pressure, any more than being a gifted athlete won’t help you deal with BS in the pro cycling industry.

        • Dave

          There was a quote I saw in the comments on that article in the SMH yesterday about the girl suing Geelong Grammar School for not getting into her preferred uni course (one to read for the hilarious comment thread!) attributed to Albert Einstein, something about brilliance being 1% talent and 99% hard work.

    • Laurens

      What use is it to anybody if talent means doing something you don’t love far from the place and people you do love? I think it’s not youthful at all, but wise beyond his years.

    • Truth

      Yeah Campbell, Whats wrong with you?
      How dare you given up the dream life! A life of endless pressure for winning results, a life where just finishing the race isnt worth the salt covering your back, a life of teetering uncertainty for funding or sponsorship, a life where your promised paycheck may not even arrive, a life where sponsors tell you want to wear, coaches tell you where to ride, directors tell you what to race, staff tell you what to eat and testers tell you when to pee, a life full of criticism from armchair hubbards who think you should ride more, ride faster, eat less, train more, win more…all the while critically assessing everything you eat and drink for fear of dopage or suspicion. Sounds like the easy life mate!

      Campbell, do you what you want in your heart. Forget this guy.

    • ed

      i agree somewhat – the grass is always greener. take a gap year – but to walk away completely at such a young age. plenty of time in life to do lots of things. make enough cash from pro cycling for 10 years and then start again. who cares if you do your uni study or start another career when you’re 30 instead of 20. a career as an elite sportsman will always open doors in other industries.
      these kids arent robots and want to do other things – thats fine but its probably a reflection on the programme they they arent balanced enough and these kids feel as if they are missing out on too much.
      after standing on the side of the road and watching some big races over the years i often feel sorry for pro cyclists – tough way to make a living – especially if you’re just a domestique – but its not for the next 45 years of your life.

      • B

        I don’t know the specifics of this young guys situation but in general I agree with your sentiments. Elite sport is one thing in life with a small window, missing it could become a huge regret. So without knowing the future leaving the sport could be the correct move or the worst move. Only time will tell.

        So I struggle to understand the highly positive posts elsewhere here.

  • Orrsome153

    Who are we to judge Flakemore’s decision. Only Campbell will know (in hindsight) if he made the correct decision. We all make choices in life. No matter what the vocation some people for what ever reason decide it is not for them. I am sure we all know people who have worked away from what we perceive as the perfect job, great relationship, perfect spot to live etc. We scratch our heads and say “gee I wish I could do that, have that or be that person” However, we are not. All the best Campbell for your future.

    • Dave

      And if he decides after a time on the sidelines that he does miss it, he has enough talent to walk straight back into the sport.

      Annette Edmonson did that and now has a bunch of elite rainbow jerseys to show for it.

      Rachel Neylan did that and put in the best performance by an Australian in a World Championship Road Race since Cadel took his win.

  • CB

    You’d think at some point Lachie Morton, perhaps Gus as well, will have to go back to Europe. Good luck for season 2016 either way boys!

  • ed

    Hasnt Campbell seen “Good Will Hunting”?

    “F*** you, you don’t owe it to yourself man, you owe it to me, ’cause tomorrow I’m gonna wake up and I’ll be 50, and I’ll still be doin’ this s**t. And that’s all right. That’s fine. I mean, you’re sittin’ on a winnin’ lottery ticket. You’re too much of a pussy to cash it in, and that’s bulls**t. ‘Cause I’d do f***in’ anything to have what you got. So would any of these f***in’ guys. It’d be an insult to watch if you’re still here in 20 years. Hangin’ around here is a f***in’ waste of your time.”

    • Whammy

      I don’t think that necessarily applies here though….

  • De Mac

    Re Campbell Flakemore – power to him for making a decision, it does however remind me that I watched Fairless last week and what an inspiring story it is. Steve was hamstrung through the amateur vs professional years and then was forced onto the farm to support his family, arguably, during his best cycling ‘window.’ Imagine what he could have done (over and above his stellar achievements!) had the stars been in alignment for him and he was able to continue during his peak….


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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017