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  • Loved that Cycling Australia vid… incredible stuff. Wasn’t so sure about whether the wheel swap should have gone in there. Left a bit of a bitter taste in some mouths, but the mateship was first class.

  • Patrick

    Indeed that cyclist was remarkably calm, but he was also a goose for riding around the outside of a truck and has contributed to his accident. How can that driver be expected to see past the truck to see the cyclist?. I continue to be amazed at how many cyclists take unnecessary risks like this…saw one the other day who was too impatient to wait for a stopped tram so he went past it on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic!

    • Pete

      It looks like he intentionally moved out of marked lane on the left to pass the truck on the right. The truck wasn’t impeding him, so I figure he may have been turning right soon? Also, there was plenty of room for the driver to see him; there was a lot of space in that “keep clear” area of the road.

      • Dave

        Not plausible to blame the driver when the cyclist had no headlight on.

        • Pete

          I can’t tell for sure, but doesn’t he specifically tell the driver that he had his headlights on?

        • jules

          hmm.. goes to the trouble of fitting a camera, doesn’t bother with headlight?

          • Pete

            Again, I think he says he has lights on (at 0:28), and the driver agrees.

            • Dave

              I just re-watched it a few times and couldn’t pick up that bit, only a bit a few seconds before which sounded more like saying “I’m all right.”

              It’s the lack of visual evidence of even the most pathetic marker-only light, let alone a proper headlight, that I was more interested in.

              • Pete

                Here is my interpretation from 0:27.
                Driver: “I didn’t see you coming around, sorry.”
                Cyclist: “I had lights on, like…”
                Driver: “I know but I was looking at the other side.”

                I can’t see any visual evidence either, but the camera never directly shows the handlebars. Cameras have a much lower dynamic range than eyes, so it may be that it just doesn’t pick up the reflected light from his headlights. And/or it’s angled higher than the ground.

                • jules

                  or it’s on his helmet

      • Simon

        +1 That’s my read of it too although it is quite dark. Apart from the understandable initial expletive he is remarkably calm. Grace under pressure and kept his cool. And he did have his light on according to the exchange between motorist and rider. Hopefully no bones broken.

    • Dave

      Yep, failed Darwin Award candidate there.

      Dumbest one I’ve seen was one going the wrong way through a double lane roundabout with five roads, I’m guessing because the couple of seconds saved might have been the difference between a KOM and bog standard mediocrity.

    • Sean parker

      I was going to rant at you but, yes, it appears that the cyclist did not ride defensively in that situation. The driver was edging out, probably peering left past the banked traffic on his left and looking for oncoming traffic that could t-bone him. By the time the driver looked ahead, or to their right, the cyclist was presumably upon them.

  • jules

    my blood pressure just increased after reading Bertie’s quotes on not doping. not because it made me angry, more from all the salt I had to take.

    • Dave

      I think he’s just having the same issue as my aunt, who refuses to update beyond Microsoft Word 2003 and wonders why she can’t read anything people send her.

      • jules

        I’m afraid that’s over my head?

        • Dave

          Doping isn’t impossible, he just needs to update to more modern doping methods which won’t get detected.

          • jules

            doping is obviously still possible. anyone who says it can’t be done and we’re all clean is lying. the only question is – precisely what about?

  • anguskingston

    Is the year in review video dated wrong? It says 2014 and was published in Nov 2014 but I thought it covered 2015 events?

  • Michele

    So Bertie contests there are now – once again – “2 speeds in the peloton”.

    This time, it’s inverse to what we are used to.

    “If you do it’s like a suicide. I’ve no doubt this is why it’s clean at the very highest level.”

    After all, the only ones being busted for PEDs now are small-name / small-bit riders.

    Nice to see that those at the top of GC sheets are clean. He’s convinced me :)

    • martin

      It’ll be interesting to see if his tune changes if the Operation Puerto appeal to release the blood bags to the authorities goes through. Pretty sure one was labelled “AC” from memory.

      • perru

        AC is a well known Spanish hotel chain must be from there (LOLLL!!!). Ridiculous, Again guys, if the man admits to having doped, no Specialized, no Oakleys, no big endorsements…in Spain we people forgive everything as long as you are Spanish, if the guy’d be French he’d be a bloody cheater and should be banned for life…funny country we are.

  • Kiwicyclist

    Hope we see some footage from the National CX champs in next year’s Year in Review video..

  • Hamish Moffatt

    I don’t know why you shared that crash video. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about it. There’s enough people getting hurt and even killed by cars lately without being voyeuristic about it.


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