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  • jules

    the terrorism threat to pro cycling isn’t new. Lance reckons he had a police sniper in a car following him around the Tour one year.

    most of us get terrorised by motorists on an almost daily basis. they don’t need weapons.

    • thomasrdotorg

      Lance lived, so maybe the sniper never got a clear shot.

      • jules

        too many witnesses

      • ed

        he got two clear shots on him up Luz Ardien in 2003 – first shot hit a kid with a musette bag who fell into his path and took his handlebars down and the second shot hit his pedal – but Lance soldiered on and won the stage

    • _kw

      While Lance may have just had issues with his popularity, the threat is quite real already:

      The popular German race “Rund um den Finanzplatz Frankfurt”, UCI 1.HC race, was cancelled this year due to explosive material being found with an Islamist couple close to the route where the race was believed to be the target:


  • De Mac

    On a lighter note – that CX footage was fantastic!


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