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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Nitro

    Behind the scenes of Kaleidoscope – insightful. Oh how the world has moved on from kids hanging out with Go Pro’s in their back garden…

    I’ll admit that I’ve never managed to get my head around the economics of these videos. We watch the videos for free (in exchange for agreeing to be bombarding with direct and hidden advertising), but that sort of professional production (not to mention construction costs!) would cost a ton.

    Does the economics of revenue recovered from You Tube advertising really work, or is this just Red Bull throwing money around to keep the brand front-of-mind ?

    • martin

      With distribution and marketing etc the average estimate out there is that it costs Red Bull about 40c a can to make, so they’re making a tidy margin. I agree though it’s astounding how much money they appear to be able to pour into relatively obscure but very well (ie expensively) produced content.
      I just wonder how iron clad their contracts must be with the athletes they use as the danger they put themselves in is quite remarkable.

      • And Red Bull spends 40% of revenue on marketing. They’ve become a content company/brand even more so than a soft drink brand.

        • thomasrdotorg

          And their smallest can costs $5.00…

    • The income possibilities on YouTube is quite high. Top YouTubers are making over $10 million USD a year thanks to massive subscriber bases and all their videos getting over a million views. Now Red Bull videos that go viral and get 20 million plus views on YouTube should bring in a tidy sum of money.

  • Nitro

    Finish line crash – that’s horrific…

    My “sprint” (Note the quotes!) doesn’t get anywhere close to the speeds achieved by the fast boys, but even me sprinting directly towards me would be an impact speed of way into triple digits… Lucky that didn’t result in someone getting killed…

    • Handsome Rooster

      To be fair Nitro: You onYou is more an issue of mass/weight, than velocity/momentum! ;-)

      • Sean

        @disqus_kNVjySVgko:disqus needs to do some more miles!

      • Nitro

        Directors notes – The camera pans across the African plains as the sunrises…. Birds fly across the face of the rising sun… The camera zooms in on the emerging silhouettes of 2 elephants / rhinos / hippo / buffalo (whatever shots we can get on film) charging towards each other…

        David Attenborough voiceover – “View the majesty of the elephant / rhino / hippo / buffalo (delete as appropriate) in their natural environment as they charge towards each other. Neither willing to back down. Both intent on victory no matter what the personal cost. What they lack in speed they more than make up in weight and visual impact. Watch as these 2 magnificent beasts crash headlong with an impact that cannot be measured. What magnificent animals they are… ”

        I’m telling you – it’d be one of Attenborough’s best works…

  • Michele

    I can watch longest laps competitions all day.

    Most here probably know about it, but John Foot’s Pedalare! Pedalare! mentions a famous pursuit from the 1968 Italian Track Championships. The final was between Pettenella and Bianchetto, and was supposedly a 3 lap race.

    The race was being shown live on TV.

    Both riders managed to do a ‘surplace’ [trackstand] for 63 minutes until Bianchetto finally passed out from his efforts.

    The TV director cottoned on pretty early what the riders true intentions were, and quickly cut the broadcast.

    Earlier, in 1955, another Italian Antonio Maspes, went into surplace in a televised race. His track stand lasted for 32 minutes – and was conveniently done in front of a advertising sign [Ignis]. The broadcasting was being done with one camera, and the director had no option but to show Maspes track standing, much to Ignis and Maspes wallet’s gain.

    • velocite

      The trackstands in one of my favourite stories were not so long. Well known I guess, but in 1952 Russell Mockridge, an amateur at the time, won the final of the open Paris Grand Prix Sprint race against two professionals who were colluding against him. He wanted to come from behind and handled two trackstands, one 6′ just after the start and another 5′ 50 metres later. Legend.

  • Michele

    Further to the Alberto Contador piece – was an excellent read, there is some footage of his in-race seizure [again, most have probably seen it].

    A couple of things:

    1. Maybe not watch it if you’re a little squeamish.
    2. Somehow I don’t think the Video title is quite correct.


    • Oh boy, that vision is horrible.

      • Geez…I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Terrifying.

        • Michele

          @mattdeneef:disqus @cyclingtips:disqus Feel free to delete if you want. I must admit I’m a little desensitised to it after seeing it several years ago.

          Hope no one is offended.

          • De Mac

            Why would anyone be offended – I’d hope that people would be able to react appropriately if they were to come across some poor person who was fitting, rather than being too frightened to help…..

            • Michele

              True, you make a good point about assisting. As an aside, I’ve finally got around to booking myself in for a first aid certificate course with St. Johns – said I would do so 12 + months ago.

              Offended was probably the wrong word to use … I just wondered how many minors come to this site.

              I’m not sure how I’d react if I saw that footage as a 11 or 12 year old. Then again, nowadays they’ve probably viewed worse than what I ever did as a teenager.

              Regardless, it is quite a remarkable comeback to, a) want to ride again [I’m battling with a health issue that has me struggling to get back on the bike – not sure if I want to even if I can: a little spooked ATM], and b) to do so in such a short space of time.

              Bertie’s ‘comeback’ from this, and fact he tried to ride on with a fractured leg in 2014 TdF, plus his shoulder injury sustained at this year’s Giro, shows he’s hard as nails.

              Say what you want about his doping, but his resolve to keep on keeping on makes him the equal of any in the peloton for sheer bloody-mindedness.

  • Arfy

    Alberto was quoted in the Rouleur article as saying “For many people, it’s hard to understand that the most special race for me is not the Tour de France, the Giro or La Vuelta. It’s the victory at the Tour Down Under.”
    How the heck is Dave going to fit all that onto a t-shirt??

    • Michele

      Easy, give it the Twitter works:

      A picture of El Pistolero

      followed by:



      = TDU

      • Bessie Griggs

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  • Dave

    Naughty GT, pulling a Reverse Nibali is just low!

    USA Cycling and VW – a match made in heaven at this time?

  • chris

    Will be interesting to see how USAC testing impacts racer turnout next year (masters in particular). To be fair, I saw zero tests conducted across the some fifty races I was in last year. I suppose a three fold increase from zero could still equal zero.

  • david__g

    Looking forward to all those weekend warriors getting popped at their next Gran Fondo.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017